8 Ideas For Storing Linens in a Small Apartment Without a Linen Closet

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Blankets, sheets, and towels are all essential things for living (and even more so if you’re a homebody.)

Yet finding spots to store these linens can get complicated and challenging—especially if your apartment is already short on space. 

But creativity can go a long way when you live in a small space. Here are various unique and simple ways to store your linen in a tiny space, even if you don’t currently have a dedicated storage space for it. 

Make use of a storage bench

A storage bench is a practical and easy way to add some linen storage to any apartment. Not only can you use the bench for extra seating, your linen will be hidden away when it’s in storage.

Add storage benches to the end of each bed to store extra blankets and linens in each room. This kind of setup makes it easier for you to access your linen, as well as provide ample storage space.

Storage benches come in many varieties, designs, and sizes. I would personally recommend this bench from Amazon.

SIMPLIHOME Avalon 48 Inch Wide Contemporary Rectangle Storage Ottoman Bench in Cloud Grey Linen Look Fabric, For the Living Room, Entryway and Family Room

If you prefer a more rustic-styled bench, I’d consider this Safavieh American Homes Collection wicker storage bench. 

Safavieh American Homes Collection Lonan Grey and White Wicker Storage Bench

You can roll or neatly fold your linen in the baskets below the bench. This bench works well as window seat storage in an apartment bedroom, hallway, or living room.  

Basket Storage

Baskets are versatile and add a certain charm to most apartments. Roll extra towels and place them in your bathroom baskets for a spa-style look. 

You may also consider adding a basket or two to the floor of your bedroom for storing extra linens and blankets. If you prefer concealed linens, try purchasing a basket with a cover or lid, similar to this attractive basket from Amazon.

Blanket Basket with Lid, blanket storage Basket, Laundry, and Organizing Toys, rope basket, Woven Coiled Hamper with Soft Lid, Trendy Home décor for Living Room or Bedroom

I love this pack of three natural woven baskets by the OIAHOMY Store on Amazon. Great for any bathroom. 

OIAHOMY Storage Basket, Woven Baskets for Storage, Cotton Rope Basket for toys,Towel Baskets for Bathroom - Pack of 3, Gradient Yellow

Under-bed storage

Do not undervalue the space available under your apartment beds. You’ll be surprised at how much you can store, and as a bonus, you can keep it out of sight.

Add a bed frill or invest in an oversized quilt or duvet to help hide all your under-bed storage.

You can also get storage bags and bins to put stuff under your bed. Many add tasteful wicker baskets under their beds for storage, but I’d recommend using fabric storage bags. The bags will also keep your linen dirt and dust free.  

Speaking of storage bags, I have to mention this highly rated under-bed woven fabric clothing storage option from Amazon: storageLAB Underbed Storage Containers. These storage bags come with handles, which are helpful when you pull them out from under your bed. 

storageLAB Under Bed Storage Containers, Closet Organizers and Storage Bins, 2 Pack Underbed Clothes Storage Organizer with Sturdy Handles for use Under the Bed, End of Bed, Bed Accessories, Comforter

Try looking for a fabric storage bag with a clear top, as this will help you find the linen you need much more quickly. 

When it comes to storage containers, look for clear ones that can hold a decent amount of linen—if the containers come with wheels, even better. This will make sliding them out and under the bed considerably easier. 

Here’s an excellent option from Amazon: Sterilite 56 Qt./53 L Wheeled Latching Box Clears

Sterilite 56 Qt./53 L Wheeled Latching Box Clears, Quart, White, 4 Piece

Dresser or sideboard storage

Placing a dresser or sideboard in a guest room, hallway, or living area can also add plenty of storage space for your linens. To ensure that it doesn’t look out of place, look for a dresser that complements your space or adds some character to your room. 

An excellent example of a dresser that adds personality and practical storage to a room is AOPSEN Tall Dressers for Bedroom. It comes in 4, 6, and 8-drawer options. 

AOPSEN Tall Dressers for Bedroom with 8 Drawers, Storage Drawer Unit for Closet, Fabric Organizer Chest of Drawers for Kids, Living Room, Nursery, Steel Frame, Wood Top

Using an existing or newly purchased sideboard for linen can also work exceptionally well. They typically offer loads of space and keep your linens tidy and hidden.  

Place the sideboard in a hallway, entryway, or living room, and store all your extra linens and towels. No one will knowyou’ve stacked your linens inside if you choose a solid option instead of a transparent or see-through option.  

Look for statement pieces that bring both beauty and storage to your apartment. You can add a touch of style to your home with this contemporary sideboard that boasts tons of storage space: Meridian Furniture Bellissimo Collection Modern.  

Meridian Furniture Bellissimo Collection Modern | Contemporary Lacquer Sideboard/Buffet Tipped Acrylic Legs Wood Design, 64" W x 18" D x 31" H, White/Gold

A space-saving freestanding sideboard also works nicely as a storage solution in a living room, kitchen, hallway, or bedroom. An excellent compact option from Amazon is Function Home 32″ Tall 2 Door Accent Cabinet.

Function Home Accent Cabinet with Doors, Modern Wooden Sideboard Buffet Cabinet, Credenza Storage Cabinet for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen,Office and Entryway in Green/Gold

Shelves or bookshelf storage

Adding shelves to your apartment is a simple way to add extra storage. Look for wasted space above your bathroom or kitchen doors to store rolled-up towels or extra kitchen cloths and hand towels. 

Easy and inexpensive DIY shelf options are available online and in-store and you can typically install them withim minutes. 

This can also work well if you have a bookshelf that you can repurpose and use for your linen storage. Adjust the bookshelf shelves to fit any baskets or linen you need to store. If you decide to add baskets to your shelves, consider labeling them. It’ll make make finding linen much easier.

This QsQueen Floating Shelves Set of 3 from Amazon is a trendy, rustic option that is wide enough to store most linens.

QsQueen Floating Shelves Set of 3 Rustic Solid Wood Floating Shelf Wall Storage Shelves for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen

Or if you’re looking for something functional that will add a bit of flair to your apartment, look no further than this option. Roll towels or fold and stack them on these beautifully decorative storage shelves. 

kimisty Gold Floating Wall Shelves, Set 3 Circular Shelving, Decorative Night Stand, Bedroom & Lving Room Accessories, Brass Eclectic Wall Decor, Paper Towel Rack, Sconce Shelf, Boho Eccentric Decor

Use linen as art

Now, I know that this is a little ‘out there, but I promise you there is a way to make it work for your space. 

If you have some artsy-looking quilts or comforters that you don’t mind displaying on a wall in your apartment (similar to a tapestry), this could save you some space. 

Swap the quilt with a new one when needed—this is an innovative way to keep your room wall looking fresh and funky. 

A leaning ladder

Why not add a leaning ladder for storage in each bedroom to hang your extra blankets and throws? 

A ladder can give a room a whimsical and modern look and make your throws and blankets much more accessible. Ladder storage works equally well for storing extra towels in a bathroom or additional hand towels and cloths in a kitchen. 

Repurpose a tall cabinet 

If you own a cabinet with doors, you can also repurpose it as a linen closet. Add some shelves, and place them in your apartment’s bedroom, hallway, or living area. 

A freestanding cabinet such as this one from Amazon: Sauder Select Storage Cabinet is one of the easiest ways to create a linen closet in an apartment with none. 

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