14 Entryway Ideas for Small Apartments (that you probably haven’t thought of)

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No matter what kind of space you live in, the last thing you want to have when you walk in is a monotonous entryway. That’s just a sad way to live.

When walking into your home, you want an inviting, cheerful space that boasts bags of personality. Now, I won’t deny that small apartment entryways can be tricky, but there are ways to make them practical and chic if you choose the right furniture and accessories. 

Here are some inspiration to get you started. 

The importance of selecting the right furniture

You know those days where you just can’t wait to get home? You rush into the house and offload keys, coats, shoes, handbags (and more) at the nearest available spot. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 

Every entryway can benefit from some multipurpose furniture that is minimalist, smartly designed, and provides storage and practicality.

1. Consider adding a bench 

Choose an attractive, small, narrow bench that’ll fit your entryway space. 

Placing a couple of funky baskets under the bench allows you to store shoes, dog leads, shopping bags, and other accessories that usually create clutter. 

The bench is also handy for sitting and pulling shoes on and off before you head out. 

Often benches have built-in storage space below, which can be extremely useful, especially if you’re not keen on basket storage. Otherwise, look for benches with shelves to pop shoes and baskets on. 

Here are a few Amazon options that work well for most small-sized entryways. 

Benches with shelves for storage

Vintage style

Modern and functional

Add throws or a couple of colorful cushions to your bench for some added personality. If you get bored easily, you can swap them out seasonally to keep things fresh and exciting.

2. Make use of wall-mounted storage

Adding slim-lined wall-mounted storage can massively improve clutter if you have the wall space. 

Mounted furniture frees up the entryway floor for extra basket or rack storage.  

This Haotian FHK19-W, White Wall Display Storage Unit with 3 Drawers and 4 Hooks looks modern and occupies very little wall space. It boasts three drawers and four metal hooks—perfect for storing those odds and ends that typically lie around the house.  

Floating cube storage is another simple and unobtrusive way of opening your floor space and gives you more options to play with. This YouHaveSpace White Cube Storage Shelf for Wall and ClosetMaid 1029 Cubeicals Organizer, 4-Cube, White from Amazon are both sleek and functional. 

3. Add a console or entry table

If you have an alcove or small open space to fit a corner or a small multi-level table, I’d go ahead and do it. This will add heaps of character and storage space to your entryway. 

Look at this small, classic corner table from Amazon: LITA White Wood Modern Side Table.

Never overcrowd your entryway with furniture. Add a single tall, narrow table or small statement piece. Antique tables such as this Design Toscano Villa Lucchesi Serpentine Console Table are all the rage. 

A clear console table can also work its magic in a small entryway. It opens multiple design possibilities without adding clutter. Place baskets below it or rest a catchall above for extra storage. 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Safavieh Home Collection Hollis Clear Console Table from Amazon. It’s a simple accent piece that is both classic and timeless. 

4. What about a locker?

I know. It wouldn’t be my first choice either. But not all lockers have to look like those boring office-style ones. Some are funky and modern-styled lockers.  

Choose bold-colored lockers that bring character to any entryway. Lockers are perfect for storing shoes and other accessories and are typically non-bulky.  

Here are two charming, vibrant options from Amazon:

5. Add an attractive coat rack 

A unique and striking coat rack can bring charm and functionality to your entryway. Place it near the doorway for easy hanging of coats, handbags, dog leashes, scarves, and more.

You can look for coat racks in bold gold or unique shapes and designs. This way, it’ll be an entryway statement piece rather than ordinary furnishing.  

I love these unique designs from Amazon: 

Prefer something chicer and more contemporary? Consider the Yamazaki Home Hanger.

6. Give your entryway charm with a tall narrow bookcase

If your entryway is small but not tiny and you have the space, a bookcase can transform your entry into a more whimsical and cozy space.

If your entryway is long and narrow, a bookcase works exceptionally well. Positioning a bookshelf on the wall facing your entrance is typically best.  

Here is an attractive, modern ladder-styled bookshelf: Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase, or go for something more rustic and wall mountable such as this: VASAGLE Bookcase from Amazon. 

Decorate and spruce up your entryway

Furniture is not the only element to consider when designing your small apartment entryway. 

Often, the accessorizing, wall decorations and other knick-knacks make your small entryway stand out. Here are a couple of ideas:

7. Add some greenery

Don’t underestimate the airy, warm, and inviting feel indoor plants bring to a room. Consider suspending hanging baskets and planters from the ceiling, or incorporating storage baskets with leafy greens to your entryway floor. 

Look for natural-toned baskets or wall planters that make an impact. 

I adore these OAKOA 2 Pack Succulent Wall Planters for Indoor Plants and Hearthli Hanging Wall Planters for Indoor Plants for an entryway wall. 

There are also several woven natural baskets to choose from. Here are a couple that I think works well:

Prefer something hanging? Go mod or boho with these unique hanging planter options from Amazon: 

8. Consider wall color and design

Painting or wallpapering your entryway wall can add both interest and drama. 

Stripes work well on an accent wall and will help to lengthen the appearance of your walls. Monochrome, black and white, and darker shades work equally well. 

If you go for the same paint or wallpaper for your entryway walls and ceiling, this can instantly give you a bold, eye-catching look.  

On the flip side, adding less color and focusing more on different wall textures can turn a small entryway into something spectacular. 

9. Consider wall art

Art will bring personality to any room, particularly your small entryway. It transforms a forgettable space into something memorable.  

Why not add a gallery wall with your favorite holiday snaps? I tried this in my entryway and can’t tell you how much I love it. What’s more, you can swap old images for fresh ones when you grow tired of them.

If you consider an art piece, choose a single artwork or hangable rug that covers most of the wall instead of adding multiple artworks.  

Making your wall the artwork instead of the canvas can make your small entryway pop. 

10. Don’t forget the entryway door

Here is a quick idea, and one most people probably don’t think of. 

Try accentuating or using what you have in your entryway to bring added interest. 

How about adding some paint texture or geometric design to your entryway door? A simple door can become a beautiful feature to look at and make an entrance much more appealing and inviting. 

11. Add some hooks

This is an affordable way to make your small apartment entryway functional and attractive. 

Hooks don’t need to be boring. Shop around for interesting designs and add a combination of large and small hooks to your space. Make sure you have the wall space for this, though. 

Brass hooks or hooks with charming natural designs are always a winner! Else, keep them simple and natural for a more classic feel. 

Here are some unique options from Amazon: 

Space saving and classic

  • Umbra Picket 5 Hooks – I have this hook rack in my home. I love that you can push the hooks flat against the wall when you’re not using them.  

Natural and simple

Fun and colorful

12. A statement mirror  

When you are already feeling space deprived, adding a mirror with a shelf (or hooks) to your entryway can be the perfect solution. A mirror gives you space to store smaller items such as your keys and purse, making the space appear bigger and brighter. 

Try to go for large oversized mirrors with attractive designs to add entryway drama!

Here are a couple of mirror options from Amazon: 

13. Cozy up your space with a rug

Your entryway should be cozy and inviting to guests. Rugs are a simple way to achieve that homely feel while adding a much-needed color pop. 

If you have a narrow entryway, runners can look fantastic.

Peek at these options from Amazon: 

14. Hang a lantern chandelier

A chandelier is an uncomplicated (but dramatic) way to add a focal point or statement to any entryway. 

Keep the rest of your entryway design simple so your statement piece can pop. The added light also makes your entryway appear less tiny and airier.  

Look for unique designs that become your entryway’s topic of conversation.  

Here are three lighting options from Amazon that you might want to consider:

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