9 Ideas for Storing a Bicycle in a Small Apartment

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If you live in a city where driving or public transportation is a nightmare, a bicycle can save you a lot of hassle. Trains or buses not running on time? No sweat. Expensive parking fees? No need to pay them.

There’s also the added benefit of making your commute time your exercise time. 

But storing your bicycle can be challenging if you have a small home with limited or no outdoor space. You want it to be easily accessible, but you don’t want it to take up half your living room or make your apartment look clunky because your bike doesn’t fit your decor.

But there are ways to do it without it taking up too much space or ruining your aesthetics. Here are some ideas on how you can do just that.

1. Mount your bike to the wall

Mounting your bike to a wall in your apartment will help keep the floor space clutter-free. Look for rooms with open wall space, and always ensure the wall can support your bike’s weight.

Horizontal wall mounts

If you have loads of free wall space, horizontal wall-mounted bike storage works well, especially if you can make it appear like an intentional part of your home decor. Find a fancy bike display that looks like artwork rather than a heavy-duty bike hook or rack. This will ensure that your room still looks fantastic, with or without your bike hanging.  

I personally love this minimalist Japanese-inspired STIKE Bike Rack Shelf that looks modern and stylish on any apartment wall. 

Vertical wall mounts

Vertical mounting will typically work better than horizontal if you have more than one bike or have limited apartment space. That’s because it dramatically maximizes wall space usage). If you have free corner walls, mounting your bike in a corner is also a massive space saver. 

This Steadyrack Bike Rack from Amazon is a great vertical mounting option that is really built to last. The design is especially ideal for those who find bike hanging a struggle. 

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2. Mount on your apartment ceiling

Why not use your apartment ceiling for storage if you don’t have the wall space available?

Bear in mind that a ceiling mount will only work in apartments that don’t have low ceilings. You don’t want to make your apartment feel smaller and more cramped. Look for ceiling spaces close to a wall or corner and avoid the heavy traffic areas of your apartment. 

Ceiling mounting is not usually a simple installation so if you are not a DIY whizz, consider getting some outside help. 

Here are some options to consider.

The compact option

This Gladiator GarageWorks GACEXXCPVK Claw Advanced Bike Storage from Amazon can support heavy weights and has an easy open and close push-lock mechanism for easier access. 

The heavy-duty hook option

If you prefer something easier to install, why not use heavy-duty hooks to hang your bike to the ceiling? This [4 Pack] Heavy Duty Bike Hook / Hanger from Amazon is ideal for bicycle hanging and is compatible with all bike types. 

The pully system

I personally don’t think that a ceiling-mounted bike with pully will look particularly beautiful in an apartment, but if you really must have one, take a look at this recommended option from Amazon: GREAT WORKING TOOLS Bike Hoist for Garage Ceiling Mount Pulley System Bike Storage.

3. Use your floor space 

If you have the floor space, purchasing a leaning or free-standing bike stand is more straightforward than installing other mounted storage options. What’s more, they are also portable. 

If you’re renting, you also won’t need to check that you can drill holes in your walls. Always look for floor spaces that won’t block or clutter and are both practical and accessible, like the following options: 

Leaning bike stand

Leaning bike stands are ideal for apartments as they take up minimal space, and you can find many attractive options. This space-saving Delta Cycle Double Bike Leaning Floor Stand is easy to assemble and can support up to two bicycles. It’s made from quality steel and can support heavy weights. 

Free-standing bike stand

There are so many free-standing bike stand options available. Try to look for a vertical stand as opposed to horizontal one, as this will take up less space in your small apartment. Take a peek at this Bike Nook Bicycle Stand from Amazon, which is height adjustable and compact. 

4. Staircase storage

Count yourself fortunate if you happen to have a staircase in your apartment. You can easily transform the space below your staircase into a bicycle storage area. As a bonus, your bike will also be pretty hidden. 

Pop up a couple of heavy-duty bike hooks or racks, and you can hang your bikes onto the wall in minutes. 

5. Repurpose a piece of furniture

If you have a cupboard, bookshelf, or other wide-pieced furniture you don’t use, why not make a couple of modifications, and use it to store your bike? 

Remove shelves, add hooks from a bookcase or cupboard, and pop your bike in its place. Take a quick look at this beautiful Italian design for some mind-boggling inspiration: Bookbike by Italian design studio BYografia. 

Not only will this storage option keep your bike out of sight, but it often looks nicer than a bike rack or hook. 

6. Store behind furniture 

Look for wide pieces of furniture, a couch, or a bed in your apartment that are positioned nearby a wall. Hiding your bike behind furniture pieces is one of the easiest storage options. It’s also reasonably practical as you can roll your bike out when you need it. 

Please be sure to choose a furniture large enough to conceal your bike. Unless, of course, you’re going for that specific look. 

7. Shower storage

I wouldn’t recommend this option unless you’re completely strapped for space. But it does and can work for many people—especially if your apartment has an extra shower you barely use. The only drawback is that you’ll need to remove the bike when you shower. Then again, most people only shower once daily, so it shouldn’t be too much of a nuisance. 

What’s great is that your bike will be tucked away and won’t take up your precious living space. The shower can also be handy for rinsing those dirty bike wheels after a ride. 

8. On the balcony

If you’re fortunate enough to have a balcony, make the most of it. Storing your bicycle on a balcony will save you from having to find storage space indoors (especially if space is already limited). 

Take care to purchase a waterproof cover similar to this Puroma Bike Cover Outdoor. This cover is fantastic as you can securely lock it while keeping the cover on. 

Look for a bike cover similar to the Puroma bike cover that fits snuggly and can protect your bike from the elements. 

9. The back of a door

All apartments have doors. Your front door or one of your apartment cupboard doors can easily be transformed into vertical bike storage. 

There are several door mounts and hooks available that will neatly attach to your door. Try choosing a door that you don’t open and close often (ideally) and is close to the front door for an easy exit. 

Here are two easy-to-install options from Amazon that are not bulky or unsightly:  Hornit CLUG Bike Clip and Bike Wall Mount – Horizontal Indoor Storage Bike Rack. Both options can be mounted onto wood and are relatively easy to install.  

Storing a bike in a small apartment can be challenging, but with some creativity, you can find ways to do it that is both practical and keeps your apartment looking the way you want it to look. 

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