7 Towel Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms (That You Might Not Have Thought Of)

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Storing towels in a small bathroom comes with its challenges. Having to (continually) fetch clean dry towels from another room is frustrating and really really inconvenient. 

Here are some storage ideas to make your small bathroom more practical and towels more accessible. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you may think.

Towel baskets and hampers

two white rolled towels in wicker basket

Baskets don’t need to look old-fashioned or bulky. These days, you can find many attractive and stylish options that brighten and liven up your small bathroom. 

If you have floor space, add a hamper or medium-sized basket. Alternatively, you can also hang baskets on the walls.

Try to make basket selections based on the color and style of your bathroom. If you have no clue where to start, an excellent first choice would be baskets in natural neutral earthy tones. 

Baskets are fantastic for storing dry or wet towels. Rolling towels up before placing them in baskets can also look more attractive. 

Here are two small basket options for your vanity counter or for hanging on your bathroom wall:

And here are three floor basket options that work well in most bathrooms:

Hanging basket options

Floor and vanity are not the only spaces where baskets work well. 

You can easily hang up many baskets with a simple hook or two. I love this 2 Piece Hanging Woven Wall Storage Organizer with Basket Set from Wayfair. 

For smaller towel storage, a couple of these Hanging Wall Organizer Baskets can make any wall more attractive and functional if you arrange it in a fun and creative way.  

Towel storage tower and cabinet storage

Adding a narrow, tall storage tower to your bathroom can transform your life. These towers offer loads of towel storage space while looking attractive.

Look for storage towers such as the Leon Free-Standing Bathroom Shelves by Dotted Line, designed to fit snugly in corners. This is a huge space saver. 

You might also want to sneak a quick look at these tall, narrow, modern tower options from Wayfair:

If you have the budget, consider a custom build towel storage tower. This way, you’ll get the design that fits your unique space and storage needs.

Over-the-toilet storage

The wall above your toilet is usually a missed storage opportunity. You can increase your storage tenfold by adding an over-the-toilet storage counter or cabinet. Just make sure you don’t want to put your toilet paper holder there.

Here are a couple of options I recommend:

Under bathroom sink storage

Another space that is often overlooked for towel storage is under your bathroom sink. Add a couple of hooks or attach a small rack below your sink and vanity. 

Some clever under-sink sliding pull-out drawers can be great for storing dry towels. This one by Rebrilliant from Wayfair is brilliant (mind the pun): 2 Tier Under Sink Shelf Sliding Pull Out Drawer.

If your cabinet shelf is thick enough, you can attach something similar to this Plate Under Shelf Basket by Yamazaki Home from Wayfair for extra towel storage.

Bathroom shelves

Add shelves wherever you have unused wall space. Look for narrow shelves to save space and consider positioning them above toilets, bathtubs, or other awkward spots. 

Mirrored or glass shelves help keep smaller bathrooms looking less cramped, and they help reflect more light in a room. Have a look at this Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelves by KISRY from Wayfair.

If you have the wall space, mounted wall shelves such as this Milan Solid Wood Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelves by James Martin Furniture are another excellent storage option. 

Or you might want to stick to something small and sleek like these two options:

Above door shelving

Another often disregarded shelf storage option is the wall space above your bathroom door. 

Yes, I agree that the top of a bathroom door is high and not the most accessible. But if you have extra towels that you don’t need daily, this space can work well. 

Stack your towels on top of a sturdy floating shelf above your bathroom door and keep a bathroom stool handy for easy reaching. 

Wooden square and rectangular floating shelves

I think these wooden shelves look great in any bathroom. Play around with square or rectangular shelving or arrange them on one wall to add interest. 

Take the time to shop around and look for styles and sizes that work for your storage needs. Try to find deeper, wider shelving if you’re looking to store bigger towels. 

Here are four wooden options I think works well in most bathrooms: 

Occasional bathroom bench

Not necessarily the top towel storage option, but a small stool or bench can be practical and valuable in a space-deprived bathroom. 

Place towels on top of it. Better yet, if it comes with shelving below it, use this to store dry towels. A corner bench such as this Francestown 15.7″ W Bamboo Shower Bench by Winston Porter is great for smaller spaces. 

Here are two other small-sized bench options that offer one or two shelves for added storage:

Upright file storage options

I know this may sound bizarre, but give me a chance to explain….

I’ve seen this done successfully in several bathrooms. Not only does it look good, but it is a cost-effective and practical storage option. 

There are several file storage holders in different colors and styles, but I’d suggest looking for ones that are more minimalist and clear, transparent or white. 

Attach the file sorter to the wall or preferably place it on top of a floating shelf. 

This Mini Sorter, Two Sections by Kantek and NIUBEE Acrylic File Holder from Amazon are folder options that could work. 

Repurposed or new wine rack options

Again, hear me out here. So many wine racks work equally well as a bathroom towel storage rack. Repurpose and paint an old wine rack or look online at the numerous styles and designs available. Consider the following options.

Massive storage potential:

Wall mount or place on your vanity:

Super if you have the wall space:

Needs mounting and a little DIY

Towel storage in a small bathroom can seem like a pain to figure out, but it doesn’t need to be. Try any of these ideas above and you’ll save yourself the hassle of going in and out of the bathroom when you need to fetch a dry towel. 

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