9 Ideas For Storing a Vacuum in a Small Apartment

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Cleaning small apartments may be quick and effortless, but finding ways to store cleaning equipment? Not so much.

Where do you store the vacuum once you’ve made your place spotless? The limited space that comes with apartment living can make vacuum storage tricky. Luckily, we have a few nifty (and easily accessible) storage ideas that may work for you.

Important things to consider

Before choosing a storage spot for your vacuum, consider the size and shape of your vacuum. 

A robotic or cordless vacuum will take up much less storage space than an upright stick vacuum. That’s why it’s worth seeking storage spots that are easily hidden and tucked away from the high-traffic areas of your apartment.  

Here are several storage ideas that may be doable and may very well revolutionize your everyday apartment living:

1. Closets, cupboards, and pantries

We all have at least one kitchen, linen, or room closet that we don’t utilize or could do without. Why not empty some closet space, and use it to store your vacuum? 

Remove shelves, rearrange the space so you can fit an upright vacuum, or hook the vacuum inside the door. Adding an extra hook for your vacuum to your existing broom closet also works well.  

This solid and sturdy stainless steel hook option from Amazon is ideal for in-closet stick vacuum storage: Favbal Mop Broom Holder, 2pcs Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Organizer.

Favbal Mop Broom Holder,2pcs Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Organizer Non-Slip Screws or Self Adhesive Storage Rack Hangers

Your kitchen under-sink cabinet is also a feasible vacuum storage option. Despite this, please be 100% positive that your cabinet will remain sufficiently dry before storing it away.  

2. The tops of your cabinets

No one typically looks at or notices the space high up above your cabinets. This storage space could be a great option if you have this upper cabinet space available and don’t have a daily vacuuming routine. 

Keep in mind that you will need to keep a step ladder handy when you do need access to your vacuum. 

Consider also placing the vacuum in an attractive bag or holder in case somebody does decide to gaze up and notice it.

Remember that most stick vacuums are approximately 45 – 49 inches (114 – 124cm) in length. So keep this in mind when you choose your bag or cover. Often, having a cover made in your chosen fabric works better for more lengthy vacuums. 

Or, consider something similar to this oversized bag from Amazon: INFANZIA 45 Inch Zipper Duffel Travel Sports Equipment Bag.

INFANZIA 45 Inch Zipper Duffel Travel Sports Equipment Bag, Water Resistant Oversize, Black

3. Spare drawer

If you have a spare drawer that can fit a horizontally lying vacuum, why not use it? 

Storing your vacuum in a drawer will help keep it hidden from view. Add a lining or towel to the bottom of the drawer to keep it from getting chipped or damaged. 

When emptying or choosing a drawer, select one that is easily accessible and in a suitable location in your apartment.  

4. Shelf Storage

If you have a handheld or smaller-sized vacuum, consider placing it on a shelf on a free wall in your apartment. Make sure your shelf can take the weight of the vacuum and is in a spot where you don’t mind catching a glimpse of it. 

5. The space under your bed

Underbed storage is massively helpful. If you have the space, your vacuum can lie flat and out of sight. There’s no need to waste any valuable counter or floor space!

Adding bed risers can also increase your storage space and prevent you from damaging your bed or vacuum. 

Wrap your vacuum in a plastic bag or if the vacuum is small enough, place it in an under-bed fabric storage bag such as this one: Amazon Basics Under Bed Fabric Storage Container Bags (this helps to keep it clean and dust-free). 

Amazon Basics Under Bed Fabric Storage Container Bags with Window and Handles - 2-Pack, 18 x 42 x 6 Inches, Gray

6. Behind or under your couch

Measure the space under and behind your couch before storing your vacuum there. You don’t want scratched or chipped walls or furniture for the sake of storage. Select a sofa near a wall or behind a curtain that will easily conceal your vacuum. 

7. The staircase storage option

If you’re lucky enough to have an apartment with a staircase, make sure you use it. 

Either incorporate a built-in cupboard built into the bottom of the staircase to store your vacuum or add a high woven basket that you can plop it in. Not only will a basket look attractive, but no one will imagine you are hiding a vacuum inside it. 

I love staircase storage. It’s a space that many often waste, and is a MUCH better storage alternative than your precious apartment living area. 

8. Add a functional window seat or ottoman

If you have a window, why not add some attractive seating below so you can use it for seating and to store your vacuum? 

Also, look for ottomans that can be opened and used as storage. 

There are so many styles, colors, and sizes of ottomans available. Be sure to measure your vacuum before deciding on the perfect one for your apartment. 

Here is a particularly long ottoman ideal for storing more lengthy vacuums: Christopher Knight Home Ottilie Fabric Storage Ottoman, Light Sky

Christopher Knight Home Ottilie Fabric Storage Ottoman, Light Sky

You can also find some fantastic DIY wood seating storage ideas online if you don’t mind a bit of hands-on, creative work. 

9. Mount it on the wall 

If you have free wall space, why not use the space to hang and store your vacuum? If the wall space is nearby a curtain or room divider, that’s even better.

Hang hooks nearby your curtains, where you can better conceal the hanging vacuum. If you have curtain tiebacks, hooking the vacuum behind these will ensure the vacuum remains hidden when curtains are open or closed. 

Cover and hang on a hook

If you’ve chosen to hang your vacuum on a hook on a visible wall in your apartment, why not order a custom-made vacuum cover that matches the style of your home? 

Vacuum covers don’t need to be boring, and no one needs to know what’s hanging in the colorful bag on your wall. 

Pegboard storage

Pegboards are so helpful in so many ways. You can get them in many different styles and colors, and they come with an assortment of add-ons.  

Look for a pegboard that can take the weight of your vacuum and place it on a wall in your apartment that you don’t mind being on display. If you hate the idea of a displayed vacuum, add a pegboard to the back wall of your broom closet instead. 

Another great pegboard feature is that you can attach your vacuum and all your accessories (think vacuum attachments, cords, and accessories). This is a convenient method for keeping everything in one spot.

If pegboards aren’t your style, why not attempt a DIY hardboard option? You can look at online tutorials that can guide you on making one. With these DIY projects, you can make them exactly the size and style you desire. 

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