15 Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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If you’re the person with a big shoe collection (and a tiny apartment), you have no choice but be creative with storage.  

That requires finding space when there aren’t any, and maximizing those space to the fullest.

Different shoes on shelves of wardrobe closet

Here are some practical ideas that you might want to consider if you’re short on storage space.

1. Add shelves for storage

Various shelf options can be attractively utilized for shoe storage. 

I have listed some of the most popular shelf choices but feel free to be creative and develop your own unique shelf solution. 


Whether you have an old bookshelf, or plan to repurpose or purchase a new one. Both options work equally well for shoe storage. 

Adjust the shelf heights to fit your shoes, and pop some bins and baskets on the shelves for storage. 

Storage cube shelf

Floating cube shelves look great and are an excellent way to store and organize your shoes. Use a cube for each pair of shoes and arrange the cubes on the wall in a design that pleases the eye. 

This Homewell Set of 2 Cube Floating Shelves from Amazon is available in multiple colors. In addition, the cubes come in both small and big sizes to suit various shoe types and sizes.  

Homewell Set of 2 Cube Floating Shelves, Wood Wall Shelves for Home Decoration, Storage Display Rack, White+Green.

Floating shoe shelves

There is nothing more stylish than an invisible floating shelf. Install them at different heights and display your shoes as artwork. 

I love these transparent mounted shelves from Amazon: X-FLOAT Clear Floating Sneaker Shelves.

X-FLOAT Clear Floating Sneaker Shelves (Wall Mounted) for Displaying Shoes (Set of 6)

The shoe rack shelf

These shoe shelves are specifically designed for shoe storage, and if you get a corner shelf unit, they take up minimal space in a room. 

This LUCKNOCK 8 Tiers Vertical Shoe Rack from Amazon is narrow and vertical, saving you floor space. In addition, the minimalist wooden look complements most spaces. 

LUCKNOCK 8 Tiers Vertical Shoe Rack, Narrow Organizer, Stylish Wooden Shoe Storage Stand, Space Saving Shelf Tower, Free Standing for Entryway, No-Tool Assembly, White.

The ladder shelf

A ladder shelf is versatile and chic; you can use the steps for storing your shoes. 

Try choosing a high, narrow ladder shelf to maximize vertical space usage, providing plenty of storage space. 

There are many ladder shelves, but I love this stylish-looking Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase from Amazon. 

Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase, Open Wall Mount Ladder Bookshelf with Industrial Metal Frame, White/Gold

If you prefer something more rustic, look at this 5-Tier Ladder Shelf – Wooden Narrow Leaning Book Shelf for Bedroom from Amazon. 

5-Tier Ladder Bookshelf , Leaning Decorative and Storage Shelves, Wooden Bookshelf Home Decor for Living Room, Bathroom & Kitchen by Lavish Home (Pickled Oak)

2. The compact shoe drawer

A shoe drawer is an answer if you are looking for hidden shoe storage. 

Look at the Haotian 2 Drawers Shoe Cabinet Shoe Rack Shoe Storage Cupboard Organizer Unit and this Haotian FSR99-W, White Shoe Cabinet with 2 Flip-Drawers from Amazon. 

Haotian 2 Drawers Shoe Cabinet Shoe Rack Shoe Storage Cupboard Organizer Unit, FSR78-W

Haotian FSR99-W, White Shoe Cabinet with 2 Flip-Drawers, Freestanding Shoe Rack, Narrow Shoe Organiazer

What’s great about these two options is that they are narrow and compact. You also have the opportunity to display décor and other accessories on top. 

3. Ottoman storage

An ottoman is a multi-functional solution to your space problems. 

Look for ottomans with built-in storage compartments (several ottomans come with drawers; others have a top that lifts off). Simple designs, sitting lower to the ground, also often look less bulky in a small room.

Before purchasing an ottoman, consider the size you need and the number of shoes you intend to store. Adding baskets or boxes inside your ottoman will also help with shoe organization.  

Here is a popular option from Amazon: Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort Round Shoe Ottoman

Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort Round Shoe Ottoman, Tan Fabric

4. Baskets, baskets, and more baskets

Get crafty and consider purchasing a few baskets that complement your room’s décor and can be used for shoe storage. Better still, visitors won’t be able to guess their use if the baskets have covers.   

Select the right size basket for the number of shoes, and consider purchasing stackable baskets. These Yesland Shelf Baskets with Lid Set of 3 from Amazon look great on a countertop or floor. 

Yesland Shelf Baskets with Lid Set of 3, Handwoven Seagrass Storage Bins Box Rectangular Seagrass Basket Storage Organizer Wicker Basket for Shelf

If you have multiple baskets, consider grouping them by color or shoe type to simplify your life. 

Look at this beautiful woven cotton shoe storage basket from Amazon: voten Storage Cubes Baskets Bins Organizer.

voten Storage Cubes Baskets Bins Organizer 11x11x11'' Fit 12x12''Cube Storage Organizer Bookcases Shelves,Durable Woven Cotton Storage Basket for Organizing,Round 3Pack Off White/Navy

5. The revolving storage rack

Revolving storage racks can store multiple pairs of shoes in a compact and organized manner. In addition, the fact that the racks rotate 360 degrees makes finding shoes a breeze. 

Search for sturdy designs that won’t topple over, and place the rack near a door or closet where you have easy access.  

Here is a selection of suitable options. 

Floor-to-ceiling shoe spinner

This Whitmor 6 Tier Floor-To-Ceiling Shoe Spinner – Adjustable with a Basket from Amazon can store up to 36 pairs of shoes and takes full advantage of a room’s vertical space. 

Whitmor 6 Tier Floor-To-Ceiling Shoe Spinner - Adjustable with Basket

Freestanding revolving shoe rack

The Household Essentials 2139-1 Metal Four-Tier Adjustable Revolving Shoe Rack from Amazon is portable and occupies little space in any room or cabinet floor. 

Be on the lookout for slim designs. Freestanding collapsible and rolling shoe rack options are also available.

Household Essentials 2139-1 Metal Four-Tier Adjustable Revolving Shoe Rack | Holds up to 24 Pairs of Shoes | Antique Bronze Finish

What about your bulky boots? The boot butler is the answer!

If you have multiple pairs of boots, a boot rack is essential. This Boot Butler Standing Boot Rack from Amazon fits nicely in the corner of a room by an entryway door or a balcony. Or read our article that has 10 ideas for storing your boots in a small space.

Boot Butler Standing Boot Rack – As Seen On Rachael Ray – Clean Up Your Floor & Protect Your Boots – 5-Pair Boot Storage Organizer & Boot Shaper/Tree

6. Over-the-door shoe organizers

Even if your house is tiny, you still have doors! So why not utilize this wasted space by hanging a fabric organizer or shoe rack? 

Fabric shoe organizer

Fabric shoe organizers are lightweight and easy to fold away when not used. In addition, they take up minimal space when hung on the back of a door. 

Always look for fabric compartments wide enough to fit your shoes, and select a sturdy design. 

Try the Amazon Basics 24 Medium Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Organizer.

Metal shoe rack

As with the fabric organizer, look at durability and size. A rack keeps shoes off the floor and offers easy shoe access. 

A popular Amazon option is the Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack

Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack, Fold-up Non-slip Bars, 36 Pair, White

7. A Hanging closet shoe organizer

If you lack floor space but have loads of closet hanging space, consider purchasing the Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves from Amazon. Its durability, stainless steel frame, and breathable fabric make it a good buy. 

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves - 8 Section - Closet Organizer - Grey

A great way to maximize vertical space and keep shoes off the floor. 

8. Clip-on Shoe Hangers

If you are hunting down a budget-friendly solution, look for hangers similar to these Shoe Hanging Hooks from Amazon. 

If, of course, you own several shoes, you may find you need to buy multiple hangers. Still, it’s not considered a bad space-saving solution for the price. 

9. Bed frame with drawer storage

If you are replacing or purchasing a new bed, consider purchasing a bed with build in drawer storage. 

Storing shoes in drawers is a lifesaver. Not only will shoes be out of the way, but no floor space needs to be utilized. 

Several online and in-store bed suppliers sell beds with storage, but if you have the budget, consider a custom bed to suit your needs.  

10. Under-bed storage

The space under a bed can often be better spent. So why not use it for shoe storage? 

Store shoes in boxes or bins (choose ones with lids to keep the dust out). Lovely shoe organizers such as this one from Amazon: HOLDN’ STORAGE Extra-Large Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer protect your shoes while in storage. 

HOLDN' STORAGE Extra-Large Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer - Underbed Storage Solution Fits Men's and Women's Shoes, High Heels, and Sneakers with Durable Vinyl Cover & Extra-Strong Zipper - Black

If regular access to your shoes is essential, purchase a rolling storage container. I love Amazon’s expandable UXZEB Under Bed RolliLookng Storage 6 Inch Low Profile Fabric Blanket Container. 

Under Bed Storage with wheels 2 Pack, Underbed Clothes Storage Containers Drawers on Wheels Rolling Underbed Shoe Rack Under the Bed Storage Organizer Bags for Blanket

11. Bench with under-storage

An attractive small-scale bench adds character to any entryway. Having a bench to sit on when putting shoes on is also convenient. 

Look for a bench with a below rack or shelf. Alternatively, add baskets or bins in the space below your bench for shoe storage. Some benches have built-in shoe storage compartments.  

The APICIZON Shoe Bench from Amazon has a small footprint and is waterproof and dirt-resistant. In addition, it boasts a two-tier shoe rack and storage compartment. 

Apicizon Shoe Bench, Entryway Storage Benches, White Shoe Storage with Flip Top and Padded Cushion,Wooden Shoe Bench for Entryway, 2-Tier Shoe Rack Organizer for Entryway and Hallway, White

12. Outdoor balcony storage

If you are lucky enough to own a balcony or outdoor porch, use it. Consider wall mounting a shelf or vertical shoe rack, even if space is limited. Alternatively, add a storage bench or shoe cabinet. 

These small MAGINELS Plastic Storage Cabinets from Amazon are ideal for the outdoors and are both modular and expandable. The cabinet is also water-proof and dust-proof, ensuring your beloved shoes remain in good condition. 

MAGINELS Cube Storage Organizer 3-Cube (11.8"x11.8") Narrow Cabinet Closet Storage Shelves Plastic Storage Shelving for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, White with Doors

13. Mounted spice racks

Another clever, budget-friendly solution for your shoe storage crisis. 

Try to seek out mountable spice racks that are sturdy enough to hold the weight of your shoes and wide enough to easily fit the toes of your shoes. 

Want to spice things up (excuse the pun)? – Paint or decorate the spice racks before mounting them. 

This IKEA 400.701.85 Bekvam Spice Rack should work nicely.   

14. Pin board rack

The pinboard rack is a creative storage solution gaining appeal with homeowners. 

Not only can pinboard racks bring character to a room, but if you choose a larger-sized pinboard, it can hold a fair number of shoes. Take a look at this sizeable pinboard option from Amazon: Wall Photo Grid Shelf

Wall Photo Grid Shelf, Wall Hanging Ins Art Display Grid Panel for Decor & Storage, Metal Wire Notice Boards & Memo Board, Mesh Tool Organiser, Wall Photo Frame 2 Pcs (Black, 15.7 x 31.5 inches)

Decorate the pinboard with fabric, paint, or paper, or look for cork or foam board options that work equally well. Remember, you will need hooks, elastic bands, or clips to hold your shoes in place. 

15. Repurposed furniture

You may already have all you need at home for shoe storage. 

If you own some old furniture pieces, consider whether they could be repurposed and used for shoe storage. 

Can you install floating shelves, remove shelves or drawers, or add boxes, bins, or baskets?

These furniture items are regularly converted and used for shoe storage: bookshelves, chest of drawers, tv stands, benches, and ladders, to name a few. 

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