7 Ideas for Storing Toiletries in Your Bedroom

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Your bathroom is tiny, yet you have plenty of toiletries.

You might be wondering which room can function as a storage solution. Your bedroom seems to be the next logical choice, but you’re wondering whether that’s a little bit odd.

I’m telling you that it’s not. When you live in a small space, you have to make do with what you have.

Storing Toiletries in Your Bedroom

Woman in bed with toiletries

The secret to successful toiletry bedroom storage is making it look intentionally chic or keeping it hidden from sight. The bedroom is most likely near your bathroom, making it the next best storage spot in a home. 

Here is a selection of spots to consider. 

Underbed storage

This a logical spot if you want your toiletries to remain out of sight. 

The bottom of a bed typically also offers loads of storage space. Pop a couple of storage bins or baskets under the bed and label and organize them by toiletry type. 

If your bed is too low, purchase a few bed risers to give you the space you need. 

Underbed shoe storage organizer

I know it was designed for shoes, but it works equally well for storing your various toiletries. The divisions also make it easier to group similar toiletries. 

This Anyoneer Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer from Amazon has 24 compartments that can be adjusted to size. The handles are also helpful when needing access, and the top can be sealed to keep out unwanted dust and dirt. 

Anyoneer Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer, Set of 2, Sturdy Structure, Adjustable Dividers, Reinforced Handle, Sturdy Zipper, Underbed Storage Solution with Clear Window, Breathable, Gray

Simple plastic storage bins

You don’t have to spend much money purchasing fancy bins or containers. Choosing plastic bins with wheels will make it easier to pull them out from under the bed. 

The HOMZ 56 Quart Underbed Secure Latching Clear Plastic Storage Container Bin from Amazon comes in a pack of two and includes handles and a snap-on lid.

HOMZ 56 Quart Underbed Secure Latching Clear Plastic Storage Container Bin with Lid and Easy Glide Wheels for Home and Office Organization, (2 Pack)

The back of your bedroom door

Hanging up over-the-door storage will reduce the number of toiletries you need to find bedroom storage space for. Just make sure to opt for designs that matches the rest of your decor and vibe.

This 2Pcs Over Door Hanging Storage Bags Wall Mount Closet Organizer from Amazon will conceal your toiletries and add character to your bedroom. It is available in three colors and is waterproof if you decide to store liquids. 

CROWNED 2Pcs Over Door Hanging Storage Bags Wall Mount Closet Organizer, 4 Big Pockets Linen Cotton Fabric Multi Functional Living Room Bedroom Bathroom File Magazine Waterproof Free Hooks White

Inside a dresser or nightstand

You should be able to rearrange your bedroom and free up one or two dresser or nightstand drawers for your toiletries.

This is a simple way to store toiletries. Both are easy to access and out of view—the best of both worlds. You might just need a couple of organizers to keep your toiletries in order. 

Drawer organizers

This top selling 25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers Set from Amazon is ideal for organizing your cosmetics and toiletries. In addition, the set is non-slip, durable, and easy to clean. 

Vtopmart 25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers Set, 4-Size Versatile Bathroom and Vanity Drawer Organizer Trays, Storage Bins for Makeup, Bedroom, Kitchen Gadgets Utensils and Office

On top of a dresser or nightstand

Some toiletries do not need to be hidden, especially if you display them in a beautiful mirror tray or attractive-looking cosmetic organizer. 

Here are a couple of options I would happily place in full view. 

Mirror tray

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pick one mirror tray to share with you, but I will give you two options that I think works great.

PuTwo Tray Mirror, Gold Dresser Ornate Tray Metal Decorative Tray Jewelry Perfume Organizer Makeup Tray for Vanity, Dresser, Bathroom, Bedroom

This PuTwo Tray Mirror and Gold Mirror Tray from Amazon will look unquestionably striking placed on a dresser or nightstand. Its modern design and generous capacity will allow you to store a sizable number of toiletries while still retaining bedroom charm. 

Gold Mirror Tray Glass Tray Decorative Tray | Perfume Tray for Dresser | Mirror Tray for Perfume | Vanity Trays for Dressers | Hexagonal Tray Decor with Non-Slip Base

Makeup organizers

Look for modern medium to large-capacity makeup organizers on your dresser or nightstand. Organizers work brilliantly for toiletries; if you choose the right one, they can be eye-catching too. 

The MIUOPUR Makeup Organizer for Vanity is ideal for a bedroom and has multiple compartments and drawers to hold your toiletries. 

MIUOPUR Makeup Organizer for Vanity, Large Capacity Desk Organizer with Drawers for Cosmetics, Lipsticks, Jewelry, Nail Care, Skincare, Ideal for Bedroom and Bathroom Countertops - Large White

This antique 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer is also a good option if you’re going for a more classic, old-school look. It can also rotate, making access to your toiletries considerably simpler. 

360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer Antique Countertop Cosmetic Storage Box Mirror Glass Beauty Display, Gold Spin Large Capacity Holder for Brushes Lipsticks Skincare Toner

Closet space

Closet space is typically hidden from sight. What’s more, you can be confident that guests won’t sneak a peek. Pop a couple of storage boxes on your closet shelves, or add some hanging organizers for toiletry storage. 

Hanging closet organizer

Try this Vailando 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer from Amazon. It has shelves and three drawers making it ideal for storing your toiletries. 

Vailando 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer, 2 Separable 3-Shelf Hanging Shelves with 3 Drawers for Wardrobe, Nursery, Baby Clothes Organization and Storage

Dual-sided mesh closet organizer

This TuuTyss Linen Type Cloth Hanging Mesh Pockets Dual-Sided Closet Organizer from Amazon also works well for toiletries. Its open pockets make access to toiletries significantly easier. 

TuuTyss Hanging Mesh Pockets Dual-Sided Closet Organizer for Underwear,Bra,Socks,Accessories with Hanger,Large Pockets-Grey

Stackable storage drawers

Pop a couple of these 2 Pack Stackable Makeup Organizer Storage Drawers from Amazon on your closet shelves for storing cosmetics and toiletries. These clear bins make finding supplies simple, and if you are blessed with closet space, they are easily stackable. 

Vtopmart 2 Pack Stackable Makeup Organizer Storage Drawers, Acrylic Bathroom Organizers,Clear Plastic Storage Bins For Vanity, Undersink, Kitchen Cabinets, Pantry, Home Organization and Storage

Shoe box storage 

If you lack closet space but have room at the base of your closet – why not place several plastic bins or shoe box storage options? 

This East Loft 6 Pack Extra Large Clear Plastic Shoe Box Storage Organizer from Amazon is ideal. 

East Loft 6 Pack Extra Large Clear Plastic Shoe Box Storage Organizer - Stackable, Breathable, Front Opening door, Multiple Configurations, Holds up to Size 13 Men/Women Shoes

Add some floating shelves

Don’t forget your bedroom wall space. I know shelving is visible, but get a little crafty and add attractive closed bins or baskets. No one will know what you have hidden in those cute storage bins (especially if you mix them up with other décor or potted plants). 

Floating shelves

Choose shelving that has enough room for holding a bin or basket. If it has a lip or sides, it will help avoid any cosmetics or toiletries spills or falls. 

A shelf similar to AMADA HOMEFURNISHING Floating Shelves Wall Mounted from Amazon should do the trick. 

AMADA HOMEFURNISHING Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Wall Shelf for Bedroom/Bathroom/Living Room/Kitchen, White Shelves 3 Sizes, U-Shaped - AMFS13-W

Storage baskets with lids

Take a peek at this Seagrass Storage Basket with Lid Rectangular Small from Amazon. Perfect for storing smaller toiletry items. The baskets are 100% natural and come with lids to help keep supplies concealed. 

Seagrass Storage Basket with Lid Rectangular Small Woven Shelf Baskets with Sections for Organize Snack Toys

Decorative box

There are so many decorative box options, and your choice solely depends on personal taste. 

Look at the Bloomingville Set of 2 Grey Round Decorative Cement Lids Boxes from Amazon for a more modern twist. 

Another option would be to repurpose a box typically used for jewelry storage. Here is a suitable option from Amazon: MODE HOME Silver Glitter Wooden Jewelry Storage Boxes Decorative Treasure Boxes Set of 2

MODE HOME Silver Glitter Wooden Jewelry Storage Boxes Decorative Treasure Boxes Set of 2

Mount a storage organizer

This rustic SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror from Amazon is a gorgeous option. It is lockable and hidden and provides ample storage for your cosmetics and toiletries. 

SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, Wall/Door Mount Storage Organizer with Full-Length Mirror, Lockable Cabinet with Built-in Small Mirror, Shelves, Gift Idea, Rustic Brown UJJC003X01

Mount it on a wall or the back of your bedroom door. It will save you storage space and offers loads of compartment and shelf space. You may find there is no need to leave the room when carrying out your daily beauty regime. 

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