9 Ideas for Storing Cleaning Supplies in a Small Apartment

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Small living spaces are becoming the norm, particularly for city dwellers, and finding creative storage ideas has become essential to modern-day living. 

Now, if only magical spaces existed where you could hide your cleaning supplies until you need them. Unfortunately, cramming cleaning supplies in the corners and counters of your kitchen and bathrooms doesn’t work and will, without a doubt, leave you feeling aggravated. 

However, there are ways that you can store cleaning supplies in your small apartment without your space looking like a cleaning closet. 

Here are some creative options and ideas.  

Portable storage options

Save yourself time by taking your cleaning supplies from room to room. 

1. The bathroom caddy

Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy Portable for College Dorm Room Essentials with 8 Pockets, Hanging Shower Caddy Basket Tote Bag Toiletry Accessories for Bathroom

A bathroom caddy or two can be super helpful for organizing and storing your cleaning supplies. 

Dedicate a caddy to each cleaning task (window cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning) or cleaning product type (detergents, cloths, brushes) to make apartment cleaning less laborious. 

You can also store caddies easily in a cabinet or closet, which helps keep your supplies accessible but out of sight. 

Here are three caddy options from Amazon that may work for you:

This caddy has eight pockets that are fillable with cleaning supplies. It’s made with a tough mesh that can handle spills and dries quickly. Hook the caddy onto a rolling cart or store it away until needed. 

I love that this caddy comes in several colors and has a variety of storage compartments. The long handles also make them simpler to cart from room to room. 

This is the answer if you don’t want to break the bank and need multiple caddies. It may not be the most robust caddy, but it’s still an excellent option for those on a budget. 

2. Rolling carts

SPACEKEEPER Slim Rolling Storage Cart 4 Tier Bathroom Organizer Mobile Shelving Unit Storage Rolling Utility Cart Tower Rack for Kitchen Bathroom Laundry Narrow Places, White

Much like the caddy, the rolling cart is equally convenient and moveable. One advantage is that you can roll your caddy along your apartment with little effort (No more breaking your back hauling supplies around).

Look for narrow cart options that can be easily stored and rolled out of the way. Carts with multiple storage layers are also the safer choice if looking to maximize storage. 

This highly rated SPACEKEEPER Slim Rolling Storage Cart 4 Tier Bathroom Organizer from Amazon comes in a four and 3-tier design. Its slim design makes it easy to stow away in most narrow spaces Think between or the sides of your appliances and cabinets. 

If you can’t get your hands on the SPACEKEEPER range, the SOLEJAZZ Slim Storage Cart options are also of good quality. Their shelves are adjustable, which makes fitting larger detergent bottles effortless. 

Don’t mind having your cleaning supplies in sight? Choose an elegant-looking cart such as this 3-Tier Acrylic Slim Slide Out Storage Rolling Cart that is both transparent and sturdy. 

Over the door and closet storage 

The backs of your closet, bathroom, or kitchen doors often go unnoticed and are mistakenly disregarded. But doors provide generous amounts of storage space, and there are several ways to utilize them to your advantage.  

1. Overdoor cabinet and door organizers

Make the most of your cabinet and door space by adding over-door or attachable racks with shelves and hooks. 

Try to find racks that are easy to clean and water tolerant. Racks offer excellent drainage, making it hard for mold issues to surface (Perfect for storing cleaning supplies and damp cloths). 

ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack, 77-Inch Height X 18-Inch Wide,white

The ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack from Amazon boast several adjustable hanging baskets that are ideal for tidying away your cleaning supplies. The rack is epoxy coated, making it hard-wearing and easy to clean. 

Another over-the-door option conveniently available in various tier sizes is the Smart Design Over The Door Adjustable Pantry Organizer Rack. 

I’ll stop boggling your mind with rack choices soon, but before I do, I must point you to this combination hook and basket storage option. The hooks are so handy for hanging your cleaning cloths and gloves.  

2. Overdoor shoe organisers 

Yes, you heard me right. Shoe organizers.

I was similarly surprised to spot how perfectly a shoe organizer’s shape and size work for storing detergent bottles and cleaning supplies. 

Add labels or seek out clear or transparent organizers to keep any searching for cleaning supplies stress-free.

The numerous storage pouches and transparent appearance of these two organizers from Amazon make them a suitable choice:

Although this organizer is not transparent and made from canvas, I still think the Fentec Over the Door Shoe Organizer can be ideal for those needing to store larger volumes of cleaning supplies.

Fentec Over the Door Shoe Organizer, 2 Pack Hanging Shoe Organizer,12 Large Pockets and 2 Larger Storage Various Compartments with 6 Hooks Shoe Storage Rack Organizer for Shoes, Home Accessories, Grey

Under sink storage

The space below a kitchen or bathroom sink is ideal for storing your cleaning supplies. 

1. Lazy Susan

Maximize the space by adding rods and hooks and if you have the space, install a Lazy Susan. A Lazy Susan can massively improve the accessibility and quantity of the cleaning supplies you can store.  

Carefully measure the interior of your cabinet and ensure you have room for the needed rotation. 

Turntables are genius, and they increase the ease of accessing your cleaning supplies tenfold. Several sizes and types are available. 

Make sure that you source one that best suits your cabinet shape. 

A kidney-shaped Lazy Susan can work wonders if you have a corner under the sink cabinet. This White Polymer Kidney Shaped 2-Shelf Lazy Susan from Amazon is a good option.

Rev-A-Shelf 3472-28-11-52 28 Inch White Polymer Kidney Shaped 2-Shelf Lazy Susan for Kitchen Corner Base Cabinets, White

If you don’t have the space for a standard-sized Lazy Susan and need something a little more compact, take a look at Hexli 2 Tier Clear Lazy Susan Organizer and YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable from Amazon. 

I especially love the idea of the YouCopia turntable. It’s the perfect size for any bathroom or kitchen cabinet and has so many functional compartments. 

2. Tension rods or hooks

An under-sink rod is one of the most useful under-sink storage gizmos. 

Use the rod to hang your mountain of detergent bottles, garbage bag rolls, gloves, and cloths. Trust me, if you want to make your life easier, label your bottles before hanging them! 

Shop around for the right size and color rod for your cabinet. The Hershii Closet Tension Shelf Expandable Telescopic Rod Heavy Duty  provides extra rods and space for storage.

Don’t forget to add hooks inside your cabinet doors to store extra washcloths and gloves. 

3. Repurpose a closet

Lucky enough to have a closet that you don’t need. Why not repurpose it into a cleaning closet? 

Add multi-hook organizers like this Berry Ave Broom Holder & Wall Mount Garden Tool Organizer- Kitchen can store your larger mops and brooms and hang any extra rags or cleaning supplies. 

Berry Ave Broom Holder & Wall Mount Garden Tool Organizer- Kitchen, Closet, Garage & Laundry Room Storage With 5 Slots & 6 Hooks - Wall Holder For Broom, Rake & Mop Handles Up To 1.25” [Black, 1 Pack]

Hang baskets, add hooks and shelves, and transform your closet into a cleaning storage closet that works. 

4. Pegboard

It’s amazing what you can do with a pegboard! This is the answer if you have the wall space and don’t mind displaying your cleaning supplies. 

Add baskets, shelves, and pegs to store cleaning essentials. You can also store your mop and broom on the pegboard with the right attachments. 

Think about labeling or outlining cleaning items on your pegboard to make replacing them easier.

Pegboards don’t need to look nasty and industrial-like. Cover pegboards with a vinyl design, paint, or look for pegboard colors that match your space—purchase baskets, hooks, and pegs that fit the color and style of your room.

I love this TORACK 97pcs Garage Storage, 48×24 inch Pegboard Wall Organizer from Amazon. Not only does it support the load of heavier mops and brooms, but you can easily attach hooks and baskets to it. 

TORACK 97pcs Garage Storage, 48x24 inch Pegboard Wall Organizer, Metal Pegboard with Hooks, Garage Storage Bins, Utility Tool Board, Panel Tool Organizer, Silver

 Here are some accessories that make pegboard design easier:

5. Baskets, baskets, and more baskets

There are masses of baskets to choose from and countless ways to use them to store cleaning supplies. Here are a couple of ideas. 

Laundry baskets

An innovative plan is to use a narrow rolling laundry hamper such as the Chrislley 45L Slim Laundry Hamper from Amazon that you roll from room to room with your cleaning supplies. 

Chrislley 45L Slim Laundry Hamper with Wheels Narrow Rolling Laundry Basket Foldable Dirty Clothes Portable Skinny Hamper Organizer Storage Bins (22 inches, Beige 1)

If you choose a narrow design, the hamper can easily be stowed away and stored between appliances or in a free cabinet. 

This WENKO Slim Laundry Basket on Wheels from Amazon has a lid if you prefer to store your basket in the room but do not want your cleaning supplies visible. 

Stylish or funky in room baskets

If you want your cleaning supplies close at hand, think about buying an attractive basket that you are happy leaving displayed in each room. 

Consider choosing baskets with lids or covers to help conceal your cleaning supplies. Here are a couple of options from Amazon to consider: 

Tegance Woven Rope Basket with Lid - Cotton Rope Woven Baskets for Organizing, Large Laundry Baskets Hamper, Living Room Basket for Blanket Nursery, Multi Purpose Storage Basket, 16"D x 14"H

Another unique and feasible option is to add seating to some of your spaces that double up as extra storage. 

Look at this ottoman storage option from Amazon COSYLAND Ottoman with Storage.

COSYLAND Ottoman with Storage Collapsible Fabric Ottoman Footrest Foot Stool Ottoman for Room Small Slim Tall Folding Ottoman Furniture with Handles Lid Toy Chest Linen Gray 16.5x16.5x10.6in

If you prefer something a little chicer, you could go for something similar to this QUIMOO Vanity Stool with Storage from Amazon. 

Quimoo Vanity Chair, Vanity Stool with Storage for Living Room Makeup Room, Round Storage Ottoman, Modern Storage Ottoman Coffee Table with Gold Legs, Multifunctional Upholstered Footstool, Velvet Gre

Take note of your cleaning supplies’ heights and measurements, and choose an ottoman that gives you the storage space that you need.

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