8 Ways to Organize Craft Supplies in a Small Space

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If you’re a craft lover, moving into a small space probably comes with a dose of panic.

Where will you store your masses of treasured supplies? Will you have to resort to getting rid of some? If so, how on earth do you figure out which one to part with?

As luck would have it, some (minor) decluttering and lots of creativity can make organizing crafts in a small space doable. 

How to organize craft supplies in a small space

While organizing crafts in a small space is possible, you can simplify the process if you declutter and cut out the supplies you no longer use. Knowing what supplies you have makes choosing storage spots a lot simpler. 

Consider one of these organizational hacks. 

Cube storage

Taking care of corners is a great hack if you live in a small space. Consider storing your equipment in a cube storage that you can lean to a corner.

Going with vertical cube storage takes up less floor space and will give you plenty of room to store your crafting goods. 

Whether you choose open or closed storage depends entirely on whether you prefer your crafting supplies hidden or in full view. 

If you prefer hidden, add labels or use transparent cubes to make accessing your crafts easier.  

Vertical cube storage

I adore this narrow, vertical storage organizer from Amazon. It’s ideal for smaller modern spaces. With closed storage, you won’t need to worry about your crafts getting damaged or collecting dust. 

Aeitc Cube Organizer 5-Cube (11.8inx11.8in) Narrow Cabinet Closet Storage Shelves Plastic Storage Shelving for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, White with Doors

Rolling craft storage

A rolling cart is the ultimate storage option if you’re short on space. 

Living in a small apartment, your craft spot could quickly end up being your dining table. Being able to roll your cart out whenever creativity strikes and tuck it away in a closet or nook when you are done makes life that much easier. 

Rolling cart with workspace

This Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart offers tons of storage and comes in a 3, 10, or twelve-drawer option. The top can also be used as a workspace (especially if you don’t have that much craft spots available) which saves lots of space. 

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers

Rolling cart with extra storage

The DESIGNA 3-Tier Utility Storage Rolling Cart is a perfect option for craft enthusiasts.

DESIGNA 3-Tier Rolling Cart, Utility Cart with Handle, Extra 3 Storage Accessories, Removable Pegboard, Easy Assembly Craft Carts for Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Metal, White

The cart comes with a removable pegboard, storage baskets, and hooks that make craft storage a pleasure. 

Pegboard wall

Pegboards are a great multi-purpose tool. If you have a space dedicated to crafting, use the wall space alongside it to keep your craft supplies in order. 

A pegboard will give you easy access to your craft supplies and allow you to get creative with your storage by hanging pegboard cups, magnetic jars, hooks, and paper towel holders (to name a few). 

If you’re not a fan of white pegboards, you can easily paint the board to match your apartment décor and style.  

Here is a popular 8Pack Pegboard, White Pegboard Wall from Amazon that should do the trick.

8 Pack Pegboard, Peg Boards, Peg Boards for Walls, Pegboard Wall Organizer, Small Pegboard 10" x 10", Pegboard Plastic Panels for Craft Room, Organizer, Storage, Workbench, Study Room

You can purchase your separate accessories from FRIMOONY on Amazon. 

Hanging organizers

When you’re short of space, the back of an apartment door or the hanging space in a closet can offer heaps of craft storage space. You just need the right organizer! 

Door hanging organizer

This Super Practical Functional Door Over Hanging Organizer from Amazon offers tons of space for storing your craft supplies. 

VICTOR'S Super Practical Functional Door Over Hanging Organizer,Behind The Door Storage Organizer with Door Hook and Large Clear Windows, Hanging Wall File Organizer (1 Pack C-Silk-Grey)

Closet hanging organizer

This option works well if you have a closet close to where you craft. Crafts remain hidden, and you can have multiple hanging organizers divided by craft type. 

Check out this cute and colorful MODOWEY Waterproof Wall Closet Hanging Storage Organizer with 5 Pockets. Now obviously, you don’t need one with a funky design, but it helps make you smile when grabbing supplies for new crafting projects. 

MODOWEY 2 Pack Over The Door Storage, Waterproof Wall Closet Hanging Storage Organizer with 5 Pockets, Cotton Linen Fabric Hanging Shelves Pocket for Wall Bedroom Bathroom (Grey)

Underbed storage

Invest in a couple of storage bags, boxes, or bins and fill them with your craft supplies before slipping them under a bed. 

Keeping similar crafts together in separate bags and choosing organizers with handles, dividers, or wheels will make life much easier. 

Underbed storage bags with handles

I love this Amazon Basics Fabric Underbed Storage Bag Organizer from Amazon. 

Amazon Basics Fabric Underbed Storage Bag Organizer with Handles - Grey, Pack of 2

The bags come in several colors. Why not dedicate a color bag to each different craft? Easily carry or access your supplies with their handy handles.  

This may seem odd initially, but a shoe organizer from Amazon: Lifewit Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer works brilliantly for storing crafts. The divisions simplify storage, and the clear covers allow you to pinpoint the crafts you need at a glance.  

Lifewit Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer Set of 2, Foldable Fabric Shoes Container Box with Clear Cover See Through Window Storage Bag with 2 Handles Total Fits 24 Pairs of Shoes, Grey

Plastic under-bed storage

Here are two more useful craft storage possibilities:

Plastic storage bin with wheels 

A plastic storage bin such as this one: HOMZ 3470CLRDC.02 Plastic Underbed Storage is useful for storing crafts and is easier to roll out from under a bed. This is especially true when storing more than one bin.

Homz Multipurpose 60 Qt Underbed Secure Latching Clear Plastic Storage Container with Snap-On Lid and Wheels for Home & Office Organization, (2 Pack)

Plastic Tool organizers

Tool organizers make amazing craft organizers. They also often come with easy carry handles that make them simple to transport and carry around. 

Depending on what crafts need storing, there are loads of different options. A toolbox similar to this MIXPOWER 15-inch 2pcs Toolbox Organizer Set is perfect for organizing smaller, more fidgety craft items. 

Drop-down desk with storage

Living in a small apartment does not mean compromising on workspace and storage. This idea’s great because your most used crafts can be stored in your workspace.

Not only will you save space with a wall-mounted drop-down desk, but it will also offer you a hidden organizational space for your crafts.

This Haotian FWT07-W, White Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table Desk is tasteful, polished and comes with several shelves and spots for storing your most-used crafting supplies. 

Haotian FWT18-SCH, Black Home Office Table Desk Workstation Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Trestle Desk

Lap desk with storage

If you don’t have several crafting supplies and can describe yourself as a roaming crafter (you craft in any apartment space), then this could work wonders for you!

The Rossie Home Storage Lap Desk was made to hold your laptop and store your chargers, pencils, and cords, but why not use it as a portable crafting desk with built-in storage?

ROSSIE HOME Acacia Wood Easel Lap Desk with Storage - Java - Fits up to 15.6 Inch Laptops - Style No. 76501

Utilize the smooth flat surface for your crafting and slide it open to reveal your crafting supplies. Of course, this will only work for single crafts that don’t need oodles of supplies.

Magnets and jars

Look at the workspace you usually craft at and consider whether you have the space to install a couple of magnetic strips. Magnetic strips work well underneath desks or counter spaces. 

If you have the space, pop your craft supplies into small tins or jars and attach them to a strip. 

Not only will your craft supplies be neatly ordered and arranged in their separate storage containers, but they’ll remain within arm’s reach. 

Magnetic strips

There are different strength magnetic strips available. Keep this in mind when purchasing, as you need to consider the weight of the jars you would like to hang.  

These GAUDER Magnetic Strips with Adhesive Backing are typically reliable for hanging craft items, small jars, or containers. 

Tins for storage

These Metal Tin Cans Round from Amazon come in sets of 8 to 100. They have clear tops that make searching for craft items much more straightforward. Some jars and tins come with stick-on labels, which come in handy if you are not going with the transparent window container options. 

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