Where to Hang Wet Towels in a Small Bathroom (5 Ideas You Might Want To Try)

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When you’re enjoying a nice hot shower, the last thing you want to see is your bath towel sliding off the doorknob and onto the floor. Yet for the third time this week, that’s exactly what has happened. 

Small space living typically means smaller bathroom. And smaller bathroom means more and more exasperated people are seeking spaces for their wet and dry towels. 

Fortunately, I have some simple ideas that may help restore some order and calm in your small bathroom. 

1. Towel rings and bars

Towel rings are usually the go-to option for small bathrooms. They don’t take up much space, can hold most towels’ weight, and come in sleek and funky designs. 

Look for wasted space, such as above your toilet or sink or on a wall or nook close to where you need towels the most. 

Try to match the rings to your bathroom style. Take a moment to study your bathroom furniture and fittings. Do they have more curved or angular features? Select a ring that will complement this style. 

If you’re looking for sleek, gentle curves or an elegant minimalist design, look at the Bathroom Towel Ring by AngleSimple or this Maxted Towel Ring.

For a solid angular design, I love this bathroom towel ring by AngleSimple

Are towel bars suitable for small bathrooms?

Colorful closed shower curtain in a windowless bathroom. There are two dark blue towels hanging on a towel bar above the toilet beside the curtain.

Towel bars are superior to towel rings because towels dry easier on bars than on rings. 

Despite this, I do still believe towel bars are better suited to medium to large-sized bathrooms (with the exception of small-sized bars). 

Install your towel bar in easy-to-reach spots, such as nearby a bathroom sink or on an open wall.

We like this towel bar from KES Bathroom. Its perfect for above the sink or toilet.

2. Wall and door hooks

white and brown towel hanging on hooks on bathroom door with pink showercap

Hooks are great for small spaces as they take up very little space. Better still, if you’re not a DIY master, they’re relatively easy to install and also typically inexpensive. 

Place them behind your bathroom door or walls close to your vanity, bath, or shower for easy reach. 

There are millions of hooks to choose from but consider purchasing double hooks to accommodate extra towels. 

Here are some options from Wayfair:

Single hook options: 

Double hook options: 

3. Towel stands and DIY options

Give towel stands a try if you have a corner or under-utilized space. There are many different towel stand styles available but look for those that take the least floor space and are more vertical than horizontal. 

Another option is to convert or repurpose an old coat rack. If you are a DIY prodigy, there are numerous videos and sites online with step-by-step instructions to guide you. 

Vintage or bronze and gold stands work well in a small bathroom. I personally love modern and simple stand designs. I find this Free Standing Towel Stand by Gatco and Edenscape Double Freestanding Towel Stand by Kingston Brass to be gerat options.

If you prefer a stand that you can fold against the wall, you may like this Freestanding Bamboo Folding Towel Stand With Shelf by MyGift from Wayfair. 

Still not convinced? Here are two more options that may tickle your fancy:

If floor space is an issue, why not use your vanity counter space instead? Here is a modern, sleek design option: Free Standing Towel Stand by Umbra.

4. Towel drying racks

Several towel rack options are available, and they all work well in small spaces. Towel racks are great if you need to hang more than one towel or share a bathroom with a large family. 

Let’s take a look at the possibilities:

The space saver

This towel rack is perfect for saving space. Place it near your vanity, bath, or shower, and neatly push it against the wall when not in use. 

Conventional but chic

For a more traditional towel rack, look for smaller versions with more than one rack for towel storage, like this one.

Unique and adds interest

If you have the wall space, this Wall Mounted Towel Rack by mDesign is great for storing more than one towel at a time. 

Look for unutilized wall space, such as the wall above your bathtub. This Wall Mounted Towel Rack by MyGift can add personality and style to any small bathroom.

The traditional heated towel rack

Smaller-sized heated towel racks exist and are perfect for hanging and storing towels. Not only do they dry your towels, but the heat can help keep your small bathroom toasty and warm. 

Here are two small options from Wayfair:

The modern ladder towel rack

This ladder rack option has become increasingly popular in bathrooms as it adds lots of character while remaining functional. 

Look for tall narrow ladders to utilize the least amount of floor space possible while providing maximum storage. 

Here are four narrow, tall options I found:

5. Over-door towel racks

Don’t undervalue the space available behind your bathroom or shower door. 

You can attach over-door towel racks to your bathroom or shower door if they are large enough. Stay clear of this option if you have a narrow shower door. 

We like this Kibaga over the door towel rack, its certainly very cute and affordable.

KIBAGA Aesthetic Over The Door Towel Rack for Your Bathroom – Space Saving and Convenient Towel Holder with Sturdy Hooks – The Perfect Addition to Your Bathroom Décor, Metal

Here are two possible options:

A small bathroom doesn’t always have to mean awkward towel arrangements. With a little bit of creativity, you can find ways to (always) keep your towel dry.  

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