Our Favorite Paint Colors for a Powder Room with No Windows

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Picking out paint colors for your windowless powder room doesn’t need to be difficult.

Simply stay clear of dark colors and move towards lighter, earthier, neutral tones that reflect the light and create the illusion of space. 

Here are several tried and tested paint color options that should ensure an airy and brighter room.  Remember to test colors first, as low light conditions can easily affect the paint’s appearance. 

1. Pure white 

White is by far one of the most popular and most utilized paint colors for windowless spaces. 

It is the most effective light-reflecting color and looks modern, elegant, and timeless. In addition, white can brighten up any room and make a smaller room appear more spacious. 

Add some reflective mirrors and fixtures to help add to its reflective quality or pair it with accents of warm-colored fixtures or decorations.

If you can’t add artificial lighting, adding a pop of pale yellow or brown can help give the room the warmth and glow it lacks (think towels, bath mats, or décor). 


2. Beige

Beige is equally popular in windowless bathrooms as it brings warmth and tranquillity and creates the illusion of natural daylight. 

It is essentially white with a hint of brown and highly reflective, making it the perfect choice for brightening up a powder room. 

Beige is timeless, making it less likely to go out of style. In addition, due to this paint color’s versatility, it complements most styles of décor—a safe choice for a windowless powder room. 


3. Cream

A more classic, refined, softer color than pure white, with warm undertones that make a powder room appear cozy and tranquil. 

Cream also provides a good amount of lightness to a room, creating the illusion of space. If you want to make a statement, try adding colorful accessories, artwork, and fixtures. 


4. Light grey

Avoid dark greys and stick to softer, lighter shades of grey, which help to brighten up windowless rooms. 

A calming color that is modern and elegant.  Light grey reflects and enhances artificial lighting, making your powder room appear brighter and more open. 

Light grey pairs well with silver accessories and natural plants.  Add light blue or green accessories to give your powder room a more spa-like quality. 


5. Pale blue

Not as reflective as your white, creams, and beige paints, but by selecting a lighter shade of blue, you can create an airy, open space that is classic and timeless. 

Blue can give the impression of the sky and the outdoors, which tricks the mind into believing a room is more open and spacious than it is. 


6. Pale yellow

Another excellent paint color choice. The color yellow is known to bring vibrant energy and cheerfulness to any room. It, without a doubt, will bring warmth and coziness to your windowless powder room. 

Pale yellow paint also works well as a neutral backdrop for decorative items. Hints of white, pink, silver, gold, and green all work well with yellow. 


7. Pale green/blue-greens

Many variations of pale greens, such as seafoam, aqua, sage, and turquoise, bring freshness, calmness, and tranquillity to a room.,  

Green is associated with the outdoors, making a room appear more open and light. Adding white accessories or decorative items makes your powder room feel natural and airy while remaining refreshingly timeless. 

Pale green will also complement most décor styles (rustic or modern), giving your powder room a classic open look. 


8. Soft pink

There is nothing more romantic or feminine than soft pale pink paint. Soft pink is also highly reflective, which will help to lighten up your space while preserving warmth and coziness. 

Opting for pale pinks with grey, orange, or peach undertones will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Soft pink is brilliantly paired with silver, white, or gold, complementing most powder room designs. 


Are bold paint colors off-limits?

Although I recommend avoiding darks and steering towards brighter tones that reflect light, I am not suggesting you break away from bold colors entirely. 

Bold colors can be used in a windowless powder room, preferably in moderation and as an accent color. If done well, a splash of dark color can add character to a room without making it appear drab and cramped. 

Add pops of dark color with accessories, artwork, and fixtures rather than on your walls, and if you add mirrors and effective light fixtures, bold colors can be easier to pull off. Asking for help from a professional interior designer can also save a lot of stress and money. 

How can LRV help with paint color choices?

LRV stands for ‘light reflective value.’  In simple terms, it measures the amount of visible or usable light a color reflects. 

The higher the LRV measure, the more reflective the color and the less lighting a painted room will need. LRV measurements run on a scale of 0 to 100. 

Paint colors with a high LRV are advantageous in a windowless powder room. Try to only consider colors with an LRV measure of more than 60. 

Although LRV measurements can vary depending on the paint undertones, here is a rough idea of LRV measurements for recommended paint colors that may help steer you in the right direction.  

ColorLRV Measurement
Pure white100
Beige85 – 90
Cream85 – 90
Pale yellow80 – 85
Light grey75 – 85
Soft pink75 – 85
Pale blue70 – 80
Pale green70 – 80

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