Where to Store Suitcases in a Small Apartment

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One of the most annoying thing about being a travel junkie and living in a small apartment is unpacking after a long trip. There’s the act of unpacking itself, and then figuring out where to store your suitcase. 

But several creative ways exist to store and keep luggage out of sight. And if all else fails, there is always the option of adding it to your space to add character.

What to consider when storing your suitcase 

Whatever storage space you choose, make sure it’s both dry and cool. You don’t want humidity or mildew damaging your luggage and affecting your upcoming holiday plans. 

On the flip side, a storage spot with direct sunlight is also not ideal. Sunlight can quickly fade or discolor your precious luggage. 

Consider these climatic conditions if you give any of the below storage ideas a whirl.  

The space under your bed

Not all beds have the same underbed space available. Make sure to correctly measure the space and your luggage before attempting to push your bags out of view. Scratching your bed or luggage is the last thing you want.

Consider purchasing bed risers to add extra under-bed storage space. There are so many heights, styles, and colors to choose from. You may want to consider this popular option from Amazon: Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers.

If you can wrap the luggage in a plastic bag before storing it, this will help keep it protected and dust free. Investing in a larger bed cover or quilt that covers most of the under the bed can also help keep luggage out of sight. 

Below the couch

If you’re struggling with apartment storage space, storing your luggage under a couch can work well. Not all couch styles work, so make sure you have sufficient space before going ahead with this.  

By tucking the luggage as far under the couch as possible, you can make the luggage less visible to anyone entering the room.  

Hidden behind apartment furniture

Take a good look around your apartment. Can you identify any furniture that you may be able to neatly tuck your luggage behind? 

Try choosing furniture near a wall or positioned in a corner, where you can easily hide your luggage. 

Be careful not to choose too snug a gap, as you could risk damaging your walls or wallpaper when moving your luggage in and out of the space. 

Look for closet space

Nearly all rooms have closets, and high closet space is often wasted or awkward for everyday use. This makes it perfect for luggage you only need occasionally or for that odd weekend away. 

If you have no storage space in your closet, consider adding a simple, high DIY shelf. Just make sure the shelf you install is sturdy and can support the weight you need. 

Another option is to install hooks high up on the back wall of your closet. Hooks on the ceiling of your wardrobe can also work well if you are happy suspending your luggage from above. 

I have one more trick up my sleeve. This idea isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t have the storage space, why not consider using your luggage as a shoe rack? 

Place your luggage with its opening facing you on the closet floor. Set a towel or covering inside for protection and use it as an alternative to a traditional shoe rack. 

Conceal luggage behind curtains

If your curtains are long and touch or drape onto the floor, they’re perfect for hiding stored luggage. 

Choose a curtain that you typically like to keep closed or can remain closed without looking awkward, and tuck your luggage behind it. 

A room divider

Small room dividers are fantastic ways to add character and storage to a room. 

If you have a corner in a room where adding a room divider will add interest, this is the answer! You can store luggage behind the divider and your room can continue to look fantastic. 

Hang your luggage 

If your luggage is unique, vintage, or interesting to look at, why not hang it up on a wall or door to give your room a charming and characterful look? 

Add a hook on a free wall or the back of a door and pop your luggage on it. 

If you hang your luggage on a door, ensure the hinges can hold the weight. If not, invest in more robust hinges or empty your luggage before hanging it.  

Make luggage your statement piece

Again, this will only work if your luggage is vintage looking or fits with your overall home decor. 

If your luggage ticks these boxes, try stacking them from largest to smallest in a unique spot in a room or hallway.  

Add plants, frames, or other attractive pieces to the top, adding excitement and intrigue to your space.  

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