22 Inspiring Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

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If you’ve ever lived in a small space, you know that choosing your furniture is an extremely crucial decision.

You want something that’s functional, doesn’t look ugly AND won’t use up precious space.

If your place is a shoebox, you want it to be multipurpose because you don’t want to waste a single inch. I’ve made the mistake of wasting inches when I really had none to spare, and it made living in a small space a lot more uncomfortable than it needed to be.

Don’t make the mistake I did, and invest in one of these multipurpose furniture below if you’ve yet to furnish your small space (or looking to rearrange it).

1. SINWANT Bamboo Sofa Tray Table Clip

SINWANT Bamboo Sofa Tray Table Clip on Side Table Couch Arm with 360° Rotating Phone Holder, Couch Tray for Arm, Sofa Table for Eating/Drinks/Snacks/Remote/Control, Nature, 11.8'D x 9.8'W x 1.7'H

This versatile clip-on sofa tray table is perfect for those looking to maximize space in small living areas.

This clip-on side table allows you to access your remote control, snacks, phone, and beverages without needing a side table.

The adjustable armrest shape offers versatility, allowing the table clip to adapt to various sofa armrests up to 11 inches in width. It also comes with a rotating phone holder, making it easy to change angles as you see fit. 

It’s worth mentioning that this table clip— while versatile—might not fit an especially thick or unusually shaped armrest, so be sure to check your armrest’s measurements before hitting add to cart.

2. WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table

WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment and Adjustable Storage Shelf, Lift Tabletop Dining Table for Home Living Room, Office, Rustic Oak

A coffee table can elevate a living space, but if your space is small, it’s definitely more of a ‘nice to have’ than a ‘must have.’ 

The WLIVE Wood Lift Top Coffee Table is different from your standard coffee table because you can convert it into a desk for work or a dining table by raising the top service. 

And like many other multipurpose furniture, this coffee table provides storage. The hidden compartment beneath the tabletop offers a great place to store frequently used items like laptops and remote controllers, keeping them safe from dust and dirt.

A side drawer with a removable shelf also provides extra storage for items like magazines and game controllers. 

3. Litail Multipurpose Wood Cat 3-in-1 table

Litail Multipurpose Wood Cat 3-in-1 Table with Sisal Cat Scratching Post, Movable Cat Furniture Nightstand, Easy to Clean Covered Cat Bed with Replaceable Scratching Post & Washable Cushion

If you have an indoor feline, chances are they’ve probably had their paws on your furniture. If they haven’t, you’re one very lucky cat parent.

That’s why scratching posts and trees exist. Unfortunately, they take up space that those of us who live in small spaces don’t have. 

The Litail Litail Multipurpose Wood Cat 3-in-1 Table is a side table with a sisal scratching post, a soft cat nest, and a fish toy. It’s super easy to assemble, and the wheels allow you to move it around to serve as a bedside table and one next to your couch. 

4. Tiptiper Folding Dining Table

Tiptiper Folding Dining Table with 6 Casters, Drop Leaf Dining Table with Storage Shelves, Folding Kitchen Table for Small Apartments, Pear Wood Color and White

A dining table is another challenging purchase for small space dwellers. Because if you’re limited on space, you want the dining table to act as a dining table, as well as a place to work and entertain guests.  

The Tiptiper folding dining table—designed specifically for small spaces— is an adaptable piece of furniture that accommodates multiple purposes. Whether you need a comfortable office desk or a dining table for up to six people, you can fold this table when it’s not in use—that way, ti doesn’t take up too much space.

The drop-leaf design of this table not only saves space but also comes with two built-in storage shelves. These shelves provide additional room for lighter items like kitchen supplies, books, and other office supplies. It comes with wheels, which makes it easy to move around. 

5. IRONCK Rolling Kitchen Island Cart with Drop-Leaf and Wine Rack

IRONCK Rolling Kitchen Island Cart with Drop-Leaf and Wine Rack, Microwave Rack Serving Cart on Wheels with Drawer & Shelves & Spice Rack & Cup Hanging, White

This versatile kitchen island cart is a great addition for those who need extra storage (and bench space) in small spaces.

The IRONCK Rolling Kitchen Island Cart has a door cabinet, a large cubby, a drawer, adjustable open shelves, a wine rack, and a cup hanging section, giving you the tools to keep your kitchen supplies neat and organized. It also comes with a spice rack, towel bars, and hooks. 

The island itself is multipurpose, you can expand it to be a full-on dining table or added bench space for cooking. And when you fold it up, it becomes a compact, multipurpose kitchen trolley. 

6. VIAGDO Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

VIAGDO Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet, Tall Bathroom Cabinet Organizer with Cupboard and Adjustable Shelves, Freestanding Toilet Shelf Space Saver Rack Stand for Laundry Room, Balcony, Bamboo

This natural bamboo storage cabinet is perfect for space-challenged bathrooms, and offers style and functionality.

Made with high-quality natural bamboo, this cabinet not only looks sleek and stylish but is durable and resistant to moisture. It has a stable and sturdy structure, with adjustable crossbars that you can adjust for toilet tank or washing machine pipes.  

The open shelf and louvered doors provide versatile storage options for your bathroom knickknacks. You can adjust the detachable shelf behind the double doors to three locations, depending on your specific storage needs.

7. SAUCE ZHAN Sofa Side Table with USB Ports and Outlets

SAUCE ZHAN Sofa Side Table with USB Ports and Outlets, Narrow End Table with Storage Shelf for Small Spaces Bedside Nightstand with Charging Station for Living Room, Bedroom White

Sometimes small spaces don’t come with enough power outlets, or if they do, it’s not next to your bed or couch. And using extension cords and multi plugs are tripping hazard, and we all really want to avoid those.

The SAUCE ZHAN Sofa Side Table has a convenient charging station with USB ports and plenty of storage. Its unique design hides the outlets within a flip-top drawer, so your cords don’t look like a tangled mess. The added two shelves offer sufficient space to store everyday items like remotes, books, or magazines. 

This compact table fits seamlessly into any room layout without taking up too much space, making it ideal for apartments or tight areas.

8. ODK Corner Desk

ODK Corner Desk, Triangle Computer Desk, Small Desk Sturdy Steel Frame for Workstation with Smooth Keyboard Tray & Storage Shelves, Vintage

Sometimes, the key to maximizing space is to take advantage of corners. 

The ODK Corner Desk allows you to do just this. Its compact size is perfect for small rooms or offices while offering a spacious work surface for your computer and other essentials. 

The desk has a keyboard tray that slides under the desk when you’re not using it. The open shelving under the desk offers ample storage for your items and helps keep your workstation clutter-free—something I’ve personally struggled with no matter the size of my living space.

9. Merax Full Size Loft Bed with Storage Shelves and Under-Bed Desk

Merax Full Size Loft Bed with Storage Shelves and Under-Bed Desk Solid Wood Bed, Espresso

One of the things that I wish I had gotten when I lived in a studio apartment was a loft bed. 

They seriously save space like no other. With a loft bed, it’s possible to have a workstation, a gaming/entertaining/relaxing nook, and a bed in a studio apartment. 

The Merax Full Size Loft Bed has a built-in workstation with a desk and shelves, perfect for studying or working in a limited space. It is a hefty piece of furniture and a little time-consuming to assemble, but the rewards can be totally worth it. 

10. IDEALHOUSE 360° Rotatable Sofa Side Table

IDEALHOUSE 360° Rotatable Sofa Side Table Mobile End Table with 2-Tier Storage Shelves, Movable Laptop Table with Sturdy Metal Frame /6 Universal Casters, Couch Snack Table for Home (Rustic Brown)

What if you’re looking for something that can act as a side table and a coffee table for your couch? 

The IDEALHOUSE 360° Rotatable Sofa Side Table is a fantastic furniture solution for small spaces. With its unique rotating design and industrial style, this table fits well with various room styles and can quickly adapt to different functions.

The rotating feature extends the table, which provides additional spaces when you need it, making it perfect for rearranging or repurposing in various areas of your home. It offers versatility and functionality while looking sleek and stylish as a sofa side table, end table, computer desk, or bedside table.

The two-tier shelves also provide plenty of storage space for books, magazines, and other items, making this the ultimate multifunctional furniture. 

11. Kodiak Furniture Futon Set, Full, White Suede Navy

Kodiak Furniture Futon Set, Full, White

If you have the space, a Futon is always a great addition to a small space. The Kodiak Furniture Futon Set is sturdy, durable, and can convert into a full-sized bed. It’s also super easy to assemble (and comes with clear instructions), which is not always the case for most Futons. 

This Futon is especially suitable for small spaces because it has a side table on either side of the sofa and built-in drawers underneath. After all, extra storage in a small space is always a bonus. 

12. Maupvit Bathroom Cabinet for Small Spaces

Bathroom Cabinet with Adjustable Shelf, Storage Cabinet for Small Space, Tall Bathroom Storage Cabinet with Retractable Toilet Paper Rod, Narrow Cabinet with 2 Doors, 8 Storage Compartment, Brown Gray

Small spaces typically mean small bathrooms, and finding storage there can be tricky. The Maupvit Bathroom Cabinet solves that problem by taking advantage of vertical space. 

The compact design allows it to fit into tight spaces without sacrificing functionality, and the wood grain design adds a cozy, natural touch to the bathroom.

One of the standout features is the adjustable shelving, which provides ample storage for various items you need to keep close in a bathroom. The retractable toilet paper rod also ensures you’ll never be caught off guard when you run out of toilet paper (a position you NEVER want to find yourself in, especially if you live alone). 

13. KANAV 8 Tiers Shoe Rack

KANAV 8 Tiers Shoe Rack - Vertical Narrow Shoe Shelf Storage Organizer Sturdy Space Saving - Tall Narrow Shoe Rack for Entryway Closet Hallway

This KANAV 8 Tiers Shoe Rack is an excellent addition for those with limited space looking to organize their shoes and other items efficiently. 

Shoes can take up a lot of space and introduce unnecessary clutter to a room. But the KANAV 8 Tiers Shoe Rack can help prevent that. The corrosion-resistant metal pipes, high-quality PP connectors, and waterproof non-woven fabric layers make this shoe rack durable and able to withstand regular use.

This shoe rack is super versatile. You can remove one layer to fit boots or high heels, and you can also use it to organize bags, toys, books, and other small items. Assembling the shoe rack is a breeze and shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes, and you don’t need to procure any tools. 

While its lightweight design is one of the things that make it great, it is important to note that this rack isn’t as great for holding heavier items. If you have some chunky boots you want to store, make sure to do it on the bottom shelf, not the top. 

14.Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk

Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk, Floating Desk with Chalkboard, Space Saving Fold Up Desk Wall Mount Convertible Desk, Multi-Function Wall Mounted Table with Storage Shelves & Hooks(No Assembly Required)

One of the best space-saving hacks for creating space where it’s non-existent is to mount things to the wall. I’ve seen people store everything from guitars to bicycles on their walls. 

The Tangkula Wall Mounted Desk in a small room is a genius way to have a makeshift office when your space doesn’t have room for it. It’s kind of like a wall-mounted shelf, but it folds into a desk that you can use for working, dining, or even a side table. The large storage space, consisting of shelves and hooks, is perfect for keeping things organized and within reach during work.

15. JayRex Countertop Corner Shelf

JayRex Countertop Corner Shelf, 3 Tier Moveable Organizer for Bathroom Counter, Make Up, Dresser Table, Desktop (Black)

Like the ODK corner desk, the multifunctional JayRex Countertop Corner Shelf uses corners to create space for your bathroom knickknacks. You can use it to organize your makeup or personal care products (or even display plants, if that’s what you’re into). 

In addition to being functional, this organizer adds a touch of modern style to the room. The black color and triangular shape make it visually appealing while keeping your items organized and easily accessible. 

16.VASAGLE Corner Shelf Wall Mount, 5-Tier Floating Corner Bookshelf

VASAGLE Corner Shelf Wall Mount, 5-Tier Floating Corner Bookshelf, Plant Shelf for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Home Office, Rustic Brown ULBC72BX

Physical books and small spaces don’t always go hand in hand. But if you’re a voracious reader, there is something so satisfying that owning the e-book or audio-book version doesn’t provide. 

Traditional bookshelves, however, are chunky. The VASAGLE Corner Shelf Wall Mount is not. Its 5-tier design makes excellent use of vertical space in a corner. 

This is especially valuable for small spaces, as it allows additional storage and display while freeing up floor space for other furniture. The shelves are sturdy and made from high-quality materials, supporting up to 13.2 lb per shelf. And if physical books aren’t your thing, you can always use it for plants and decorations. 

17. SONGMICS LED Cabinet Standing Jewelry Armoire

SONGMICS LED Cabinet Standing, Lockable Jewelry Armoire with Full-Length Mirror, Space-Saving Jewelry Organizer with Mirror, Bottom Drawer and Shelf, Gift Idea, Rustic Brown UJJC025X01

Jewelry storage is another thing that can be a pain in the butt when you live in a small space. Sure, they don’t tend to take up much room like books or clothes, but keeping them organized can be a challenge.

The SONGMICS LED Cabinet Standing Jewelry Armoire can help with that. It’s a 2-in-1 design combining a full-length mirror and extensive jewelry storage, with LED lights inside the cabinet. The illuminated mirror lets you apply makeup and try on jewelry without moving between this unit and other vanity mirrors.

18. Best Choice Products 3-Piece Dining Set

Best Choice Products 3-Piece 36in Wooden Counter Height Dining Table Set for Kitchen, Dining Room w/Storage Shelves, Metal Frame, 2 Barstools - Espresso

This dining set is an excellent buy for small spaces, offering style, storage, and functionality. It has three deep shelves that you can use to store dinnerware, cookbooks, and other kitchen essentials.

With the counter-height design, the chairs fit nicely under the table, which allows you to save even more space. 

19. AOGLLATI Nightstand with Charging Station

AOGLLATI Nightstand with Charging Station, Nightstand with Drawer and USB Ports, LED Night Stand for Bedroom, Bedside Table with Shelf, End Side Table Easy Assembly Edge Protection

This multifunctional AOGLLATI nightstand is perfect for small spaces due to its compact design and practical features, including a built-in charging station. 

It makes a great addition to your bedroom as it allows you to charge your phones and other small gadgets on the nightstand without cluttering the limited space. The AOGLLATI Nightstand offers a drawer, middle, and bottom shelf, allowing you to store your alarm clocks, table lamps, and bedtime reading materials. 

20. Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen

Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen, Square, Teak

This versatile piece of furniture is perfect for those needing extra workspace and storage in small spaces. The drop-leaf table offers the flexibility to extend bench space whenever you need it, which allows you to prepare meals and enjoy them at the table with the matching stools. 

The two drawers and paper towel holder are great added features, providing a convenient place for storing utensils and kitchen essentials. This way, you can keep your countertops clutter-free. And while some assembly is required, the finished product is a stylish, space-saving addition to any small kitchen or living area

21. CordaRoy’s Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair

CordaRoy's Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair, Convertible Chair Folds from Bean Bag to Bed, As Seen on Shark Tank, Black - Full Size

This versatile bean bag chair is a comfortable and space-saving solution for small spaces. It is a super comfy bean bag that converts (easily) into a full-sized bed.

Living in a small space can make choosing between a guest bed and another piece of furniture difficult. With CordaRoy’s, you get to have both. 

22. Vanspace 360 Rotating Computer Desk 

VANSPACE 360° Rotating Computer Desk with Storage Shelves 67 inch Multi-Functional L-Shaped Corner Desk for Home Office Bedroom Study Writing Table Modern Simple Style for Small Space

If you can’t decide between having an L-shaped desk or a straight one that backs into the wall, the Vanspace 360 rotating computer desk is a great option that lets you have both. 

Like the name says, it rotates so that you can change your work setup. It comes with two tiers of s-shaped shelves and three tiers of storage space for your books, plants or photo frames, allowing you to eliminate clutter.  

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