Why Eames Lounge Chairs Are So Expensive (Are They Worth It?)

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Eames lounge chairs are one of history’s most classic, iconic, and highly sought-after furniture pieces. But does that justify the hefty price tag? 

Why Eames lounge chairs are so expensive

The chair is most definitely an investment. The skilled craftsmanship, timeless design, and use of high-quality materials push the price up, making it an investment rather than a simple piece of furniture.  

Let me explain in more detail. 

The materials are of high-quality

The Eames lounge chair has been made to last. Made with durable, high-quality raw materials, your lounge chair will continue to look superb for up to forty years. 

Eames lounge chairs only use the highest quality leather, and their molded plywood is made from several layers of bonded wood. In addition, high-quality, robust aluminum is used for the frame and base of the chair. 

All these materials are expensive, but they guarantee a long-lasting and hard-wearing piece of furniture. 

Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen 

Eames lounge chairs require a lot of time and skill to produce, which comes at a cost. However, skilled artisans ensure that each chair is perfectly crafted with great attention to detail. 

Each Eames chair is handcrafted, and the leather is hand-stitched, making the chair more valuable and highly sought after. 

Popular timeless design

The Eames lounge chair has remained popular for over 60 years and continues to be loved by people worldwide. 

The chair was designed by American designers and husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames in 1956. Since then, this classic design has not changed much, except for a couple of minor design improvements. 

This carefully designed, timeless piece of furniture continues to deliver comfort and style. The chair is available in multiple designs, colors, and fabrics and has an adjustable swivel mechanism that allows you to tilt the chair back or adjust the angle at which you sit. 

A design that continues to impress but, unfortunately, keeps the price up. 

Brand name plays a part

The price of your Eames chair can vary depending on materials, the condition of the chair, and who sells it. 

Herman Miller is well-known and recognized as the official manufacturer of the Eames Lounge Chair. The manufacturer is highly respected in the furniture industry, and you are guaranteed a quality purchase when purchasing your Eames chair through them. 

Their brand name does, however, add to the chair’s price and value. 

People continue to pay 

If people are willing to pay the high price, you can be sure that Eames chair prices are not dropping anytime soon. 

A status symbol

Several elite urban professionals continue to purchase Eames lounge chairs without batting an eyelid. Often, owning an Eames chair can be a status symbol or a symbol of success for some. 

Eames lounge chairs are often featured in adverts, tv shows, and movies and have been owned by multiple celebrities and presidential figures. 

An art piece

Some perceive Eaves lounge chairs as a piece of art more than a simple furniture piece. Their unique design often attracts those looking for fashionable designs (not quality or comfort). 

Comfort and support

Others are willing to pay more for the extra support and comfort an Eames chair provides. Eames loungers also support generous weights and an array of sizes, which is attractive to some. 

How expensive are we talking?

The price depends on the Eames lounger material, condition, brand, and where you purchase it from. Typically, prices range between $5000 and $8000. However, if you opt for rare, one-of-a-kind Eames pieces, prices can climb to a staggering $35000. 

You can find used Eames lounge chairs for around $2000 to $4000 or Eaves copies for $1500, but the durability and quality will most certainly differ. 

Eames chairs come in two sizes, tall and regular. Each one has a different price tag.

You may justify the high price tag if you are searching for a long-lasting investment piece. 

How to spot an authentic Eames lounge chair

Spotting the real deal can be a challenge. But luckily, there are a couple of details you can consider before purchasing. 

Look for labels

See if you can spot a manufacturing label under the Eames lounge chair. Sometimes a production date may also be displayed.  

Wood grain consistency is essential

Take a closer look at the Eames chair’s wood grain. If you see patchy or inconsistent grain, this is a common tell-tale sign that the chair is not genuine. Ideally, the wood grain should be uninterrupted and unvarying. 

Top-grain leather

When selecting your Eames chair, ensure the leather is excellent top-grain leather. In addition, the leather should be soft to the touch. If the leather looks glossy or stiff to the feel, it’s not an authentic Eames lounger. 


Price can also give you a good indication of a lounge chair’s originality. Eames loungers will typically come with a steep price tag. If the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is. 

Where to purchase your next Eames lounge chair

There are multiple furniture stores and online stores that sell Eames loungers. 

I must advise you to purchase only from reputable dealers and research before buying. If you are investing in an Eames lounger, you want to ensure its authenticity and ensure it is worth the money you are paying. 

Here are several Eames lounge chair suppliers:

Recommended and specialized

  • Herman Miller is an official manufacturer of Eames lounge chairs. You can purchase from them directly or from any of their authorized dealers. 
  • Design Within Reach specializes in modern designs and sells authentic Eames chairs. 
  • Vitra is a Swiss manufacturer that sells and produces Eames lounge chairs. 

New and used options

  • 1stdibs is an online shop where you often find used or new Eames lounge chairs. 
  • EBay is another online marketplace to find new and used Eames lounge chairs. 

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