7 Loft Bed Decor Ideas (And What To Put Under It)

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One of the best things about getting a loft bed is the endless possibilities of what you can put underneath it. 

It’s incredible how much difference a vertical space can add, particularly if you live in a teeny-tiny living space.

I’ve said this before and I will continue to repeat this, getting a loft bed is something I wished I had done when I first moved into a shoebox studio apartment in New York

But the endless possibility can make it overwhelming. How do you decide what the best use of it should be? You want more storage, yet you also like the idea of setting up a little office for those work-from-home days. You also kind of want to set up a little home theater system that can double as a gaming room or maybe a reading nook for those days when you just want to be super cozy.

Only you can decide the best use (and decor) of your under-bed space. Here are some inspirations that can help you decide.

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1. Mini Study/ Home Office 

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen countless home office or study setups under loft beds. That’s because desks, unfortunately, take up a lot of room. 

The pointy nature of them (presuming you get a square or rectangular one), can also be tricky in a small space. When I lived in my tiny New York studio, I had a square dining table that doubled up as my study table.

Our apartment was so small that when I opened the door, I had to be careful not to bang the door against the dining/study chair. 

However, if I put a study under a loft bed, that wouldn’t have been a problem. A simple design/decor idea would be to put a long table against the wall like this loft bed here. Alternatively, you can also get a frame with a built-in desk and personalize it by putting some of your favorite pieces of art on the wall.

2. Reading Nook

Suppose you would prefer to separate your work area from your rest and sleeping area (which is totally understandable). In that case, you might want to incorporate a reading nook under your loft bed. 

Consider doing something like this DIY Loft Bed by putting a hammock underneath the bed. Alternatively, you can opt for something simple like this Boho Modern Design, composed of cushions on top of a wooden platform. Or you can forego the platform altogether and include lots of throw pillows and seat cushions like this person here

3. Entertainment Area 

Maybe reading isn’t your thing, or perhaps it is, but you want to be able to do more in your space than just read (like gaming and watching TV). Well, you can make it an entertainment area.

If a home theater vibe is what you’re after, look at this minimalistic, black and white design as inspiration (you can also substitute the TV for a projector). Alternatively, you can also put a gaming pod if that’s more your thing.

4. Vanity/Beauty Area 

Perhaps you don’t want a reading nook, but you do want somewhere to get ready in the morning. Why not put a vanity underneath where you can store all of your beauty essentials? 

Here’s a loft bed model that allows you to do just that. If you’re super short on space, you can also decorate it to double up as a work and storage space.

5. Walk-In Closet/Storage Space

Perhaps your lack of space means that you’re having trouble finding a place to store your clothes collection. You might want to consider getting a loft bed with a built-in storage closet.

Alternatively, take inspiration from this couple who built a DIY closet loft for their kid’s bed (that could totally work with an adult loft bed, see one example here). 

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6. Meditation/Relaxation Space 

If you have trouble with stress and need another space to unwind that’s not your bed, it might be worth turning your loft bed space into a chill station where you can relax, meditate, and do whatever else you need to do to clear your head.

Take inspiration from this colorful and plant-full loft bed, or on the other end of the decor, this minimalist, modern-looking one 

7. Convertible Bed 

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have guests. If you like having guests over but would rather they not sleep on your couch, you can opt for getting a loft bed that allows you to put another bed underneath.

If you’re not a big fan of this design, you can also opt for placing a futon underneath or putting in a couch that you would be happy for your visitors to sleep on.  

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