15 Ideas for Fitting a Big Couch in a Small Living Room

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Fitting an oversized couch in a small living room may seem impractical – it can make a space feel cramped and restricted.

Then again, if you are moving from a large apartment to a smaller apartment, you may not have a choice.  

a big couch in a small room

If you prioritize your comfort and style preferences and you enjoy hosting get-togethers, then not owning a big couch may not be an option for you.

However, a big couch in a small living room is doable with clever planning and creativity. 

Here are some ideas to make the most of your space. 

Some considerations before purchasing

If you don’t already own a couch and are still looking at your options, take the time to measure the height, width, and length of your room and couch before making a purchase decision. This will give you a better idea of whether the couch will fit your space. 

Try considering a modular couch

I absolutely adore modular couches. They’re ideal for small living spaces where there is limited space.

What’s great is that these customizable couches come in sections, allowing you to configure and rearrange them in multiple ways, making the most of your space. 

You can maximize your seating by choosing a modular couch with a corner piece. 

The sofa bed option

Take advantage of every bit of apartment space you have. For example, you may feel you need loads more room for the multiple furniture items you want, but what if your bed and couch were the same furniture piece? 

Your large couch can provide extra seating for guests by day, and by night, you can convert it into a bed for family or guests to enjoy. 

Place your couch against a wall

Placing your oversized couch against a wall maximizes floor space and makes the room appear less cramped; even better if your couch can be pushed into a corner space.

The more walking space in a room, the more spacious the room will feel. 

Select low-profile couches

Couch design can massively affect how cramped a large couch looks in a small living room space. 

Low-profile couches typically have lower backs, shorter, thinner arms, and legs that look less intrusive in a small room. As a result, they take up less visual and physical space in a room, making the room feel more spacious and open. 

In contrast, a high-backed couch can make a room feel crowded and bulky. 

Several low-profile couches are available—many bring a modern minimalist contemporary look and feel to a smaller-sized room. 

“A low-profile sofa can help make a small space feel more open and airy. It’s a great way to create a seating area without overwhelming the room. Choose a style with simple lines and minimal detailing for a clean, modern look.” – Kelly Wearstler, Interior Designer.

Look for couches with exposed legs

Couches with exposed legs work brilliantly in smaller living rooms. They create an airier feel, hugely beneficial for rooms with sizeable bulky furniture items. 

They create the illusion of extra visual space, as more floor space is visible, and light can pass under the furniture. An added bonus is that the exposed legs also tend to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room (and they make for easier cleaning).

Consider couch layout

Positioning your couch correctly can make or break a room, especially in a small space. 

I already recommended placing your couch against a wall, but other layout ideas work equally well. 

Diagonal placements

If your room is on the square side, positioning your couch diagonally across the corner of a room can provide an interesting layout that also maximizes your space. 

The floating couch

If you are lucky enough to own an open-plan apartment, you can place your couch in the middle of the room. This gives your space a more casual look that can feel inviting and open. It also can help to define space in an open-plan area. 

A floating couch also aids with small apartment traffic, allowing people to move around your furniture more efficiently. It can also help create the illusion of more visual space by allowing light to push through and around the furniture. 

A bit of trickery works wonders

You can use room accessories, color, and light in multiple ways to make an oversized couch look less intrusive in a smaller living room. 

Think about your color palette

If you decide to place a bulky couch in your space, choosing lighter, neutral colors can make the couch blend into the room more effortlessly. 

A lighter couch will not stand out as much or become your room’s focal point. Ideally, you would want an oversized couch to blend into the background of your living room space. 

Look for functional, non-bulky furniture

Avoid adding additional bulky furniture to your living room when you already own an oversized couch. Instead, look for minimalist chairs, coffee tables, or furniture that can serve multiple purposes. 

For example, an ottoman with hidden storage or a coffee table with a shelf can aid in reducing the number of furniture items needed in a room. 

Think vertical

You can vastly open a room by removing what you can from your floor space and utilizing the walls for storage and organization. 

Add floating shelves, wall mount your television, or hang up a wall-mounted magazine rack. These are only a few ideas for freeing up space for your larger couch.

Let the rug do the work

This solution is simple yet effective. By placing a large rug under your large couch and other living room furniture, you anchor the space and make the room appear much larger than it is. 

I recently used this trick in my small living room, and I can vouch that it works brilliantly.

Mirrors, and more mirrors

Reflecting light in a room will brighten it and create the illusion of added space. 

Hang a mirror on the wall opposite your couch and notice the difference it makes! Of course, the larger the mirror, the better. 

Choose a mirror with a unique frame to add visual interest, or go wild and cover the entire wall with a mirror for a minimalist mod appearance. 

Make use of light

Add wall or floor lamps in your living room to highlight different areas and add a touch of depth to your room.  

You will distract and divert attention from your oversized couch by highlighting other areas of the room. 

Add a focal point 

Adding a focal point to the room will help draw people’s eyes away from your large couch. 

There are several ways to do this, but artwork or statement furniture works well. Try choosing something bold or unique that will make it hard for people to avoid catching sight of it.   

Keep things uncomplicated and simple

In a living room with a large piece of furniture (such as your sizable couch), try to keep accessories and décor at a minimum. 

More accessorizing can make an already small living room look cluttered and cramped. 

When it comes to décor, think minimalist. I love the Scandi approach to decorating – it incorporates natural neutral colors and simple furniture choices. In addition, it embraces negative space to create a calm and spacious atmosphere.

If a large couch just won’t fit

If you’re reading this article and have come to the conclusion that a large couch is definitely not an option, why not consider a loveseat or settee?

It’s clearly not a large couch, but several designs can still provide plenty of seating without occupying vast floor space. Perfect for a small living room. 

Looking for some help with choosing a material? See our article on polyester vs microfiber vs velvet couches.

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