Eames Lounge Chair Tall vs Regular: Which One Should You Get?

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An Eames lounge chair is a big investment. But this iconic piece of furniture will last you well past your lifetime.

Eames chairs come in both tall and regular sizes. It can be hard to decide which one will work for you. And knowing that the model you get will be with you the rest of your life makes this no small decision.

If you are taller than 5’8″ and want head support, go for the tall Eames chair. The regular Eames chair was made for people 5’8″ and shorter. It was made in 1956 when the average height of the population was shorter than it is today.

In this article we’ll outline some different scenarios where one size of Eames may be better than the other.

As you explore the options, it’s important to take your time and research the differences, (and even try sitting in both the tall and regular chairs) in order to determine which is the best fit for your comfort and style needs.

Key Differences Between Tall and Regular Models

The main difference between the tall and regular Eames Lounge Chairs is the backrest height and seat depth. The taller version includes an extra 2 inches in backrest height and seat depth, making it ideal for those who prefer a bit more support and spaciousness.


When it comes to dimensions, the main difference between a tall Eames Lounge chair and a regular one is the height. A tall chair has an overall height of 33.25 inches, while a regular chair comes in at 31.5 inches. Keep in mind that the seat height from the floor to the front edge is about 15 inches for both models.

Comfort and Ergonomics

As you compare tall and regular Eames Lounge Chairs, think about your height and sitting preferences. If you’re around 5’5″ or shorter, the standard size Eames chair could be more comfortable. On the other hand, if you’re above 6 feet tall, you might prefer the tall model. It’s important to test both models if possible to find the perfect fit for your body.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetically, both the tall and regular Eames Lounge Chairs offer the same iconic mid-century design, contributing to the timeless appeal. You should take both your comfort and personal preference into account when choosing between the two. Take note of the dimensions mentioned earlier to make sure the selected model suits your space and complements your existing furniture.

Choosing the Right Eames Lounge Chair for Your Needs

Considerations for Body Height and Type

When choosing between the regular and tall Eames Lounge Chair, it’s important to consider your height and body type.

The regular Eames Lounge Chair is designed for individuals 5’8″ and shorter, while the tall version is recommended for those taller than 5’8″.

Keep in mind that the front seat edge of an authentic classic size Eames Lounge Chair is about 15 inches above the floor, and the top of the headrest is 31.5 inches from the floor.

If you’re taller, you may find that the tall Eames Lounge Chair provides better head support and enables you to nap more comfortably.

Room Size and Spatial Requirements

Another factor to consider when choosing the right Eames Lounge Chair for your needs is the size of the room that you plan to place your chair. Both the regular and tall Eames Lounge Chairs have a visually striking presence, and their dimensions can affect the overall balance and aesthetic of your space.

Before making your decision, measure the room in which you plan to place the chair and visualize how the regular or tall version would fit within that space.

Remember that both options have undeniably stylish designs that can enhance your room’s fashion sense, so consider which size will be the most proportional and visually appealing within your specific area.

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