What is a Settee Bench? (Everything There is To Know)

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If you’ve ever come across the term “settee bench” and wondered what it means, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explore a settee bench, its key features, and how you can actually make use of it.

A settee is essentially a smaller version of a sofa that sits on raised legs and often has a back. Its primary function is to provide a comfortable perch for sitting (alone or with another person), but not necessarily for lounging.

Settee benches are essentially a settee without a back, which is typically an upholstered bench with arms. You can use them in multiple ways—tucked into narrow entryways, place them in odd-shaped living rooms, or even create a cozy sitting area in your office or master bedroom.

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Design and Aesthetic Characteristics

Classic Designs

A settee bench features a long seat, typically designed for two or more people, usually with armrests.

They are typically fashioned from traditional wood, authentic leather, and high-quality upholstery, emphasizing their luxurious aesthetic. You’ll often see them in period homes, formal living rooms, and antique-themed spaces.

When choosing a classic settee bench for your space, pay attention to wood carvings, nailhead trim, and tufted upholstery. These elements add character and a sense of history to your space, which can help you achieve a classic look (if that’s what you’re going for).

Modern Interpretations

In contrast, modern interpretations of settee benches incorporate contemporary design elements and updated materials for a fresh, stylish appearance.

Modern settees often feature clean lines, minimalist design, and mismatched color combinations. Instead of traditional wood, modern settees might use metal or alternative materials for the frame and bold, colorful fabrics for upholstery.

When you’re choosing a modern settee bench for your space, look for elements that reflect current design trends such as mixed-media frames, unusual shapes, and bold patterns. These features can refresh your interior, and add to a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Material Considerations


Wood is a popular frame choice because of its durability and versatility. You can find wooden settees in various styles, from traditional to contemporary.

It’s worth considering that different types of wood like oak, mahogany, or walnut, has its own unique appearance and properties. You can also choose to leave it natural, paint it, or stain the wood to match your existing decor.


Settees with metal frames provide a sleek, modern look, and is typically very durable. You’ll often find metal settees out of materials like wrought iron, stainless steel, or aluminum.

If you’re choosing a metal frame, don’t forget to consider the weight and stability—some might be more suitable for indoor use than others.


An upholstered settee provides extra comfort, and your choice of fabric can have a big impact on how visually appealing it is. Some popular materials for settee upholstery include:

  • Linen: A chic, casual fabric that works well in many decorating styles. It’s breathable, durable, but can be prone to staining and wrinkling.
  • Silk: A delicate, luxurious fabric suitable for adult areas and formal living rooms. Great for feel and aesthetic, but can be expensive to maintain as it will require professional cleaning.
  • Vinyl: Easy to care for and less expensive than leather, vinyl upholstery is ideal for busy living and dining rooms.

Consider factors like durability, maintenance, and style when you’re choosing your upholstery. You can also mix and match materials to create a unique look that suits your taste and complements your existing décor.

Usage of a Settee Bench

Living Room

A settee bench can be a great addition to your living room. Its elegant design and comfortable seating make it a stylish alternative to a loveseat or traditional sofa.

You can place a settee bench in front of a window to enjoy the view, or use it as a cozy spot for reading and relaxing. Feel free to add throw pillows or a soft blanket to enhance its comfort and visual appeal further.


Incorporating a settee bench in your foyer can make a statement as soon as you enter your home. It can serve both as a decorative piece and as a practical seating option for putting on or taking off shoes.

You can also opt for a settee bench with storage compartments underneath, allowing you to keep your entryway organized by storing shoes, umbrellas, or any other essentials.

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A settee bench can bring elegance to your bedroom, serving as a beautiful and functional accent piece. It can be placed at the foot of your bed, providing additional seating and a convenient spot to fold and store throw blankets or clothes.

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Alternatively, you can use it as a dedicated space for getting dressed or preparing for the day. Consider choosing a settee bench that complements your bedroom’s overall décor to create a visually cohesive space.

How to Choose the Right Settee Bench

When it comes to choosing the right settee bench for your space, you’ll want to pay close attention to the following considerations:

Size and Proportion

You need to choose a settee bench that fits well in your space. Measure the area where you plan to place it and take note of the dimensions. Then, compare the measurements with the settee’s dimensions to determine if it’s the right fit.

They are smaller than sofas, so they can be placed in narrow entryways or odd-shaped living rooms.

Spacing is another essential factor. For instance, if you intend to use your settee bench for dining, make sure that you have enough room for chairs to sit comfortably around the table.

Style and Color

The design of your settee bench should align with your existing décor. From cabriole settees with exposed wood frames and curved legs to more casual bench styles, there’s a variety to choose from.

If your home has a classic or vintage vibe, select a settee bench with ornate detailing and rich upholstery. On the other hand, if your space boasts a minimalist or modern aesthetic, opt for a simple design with clean lines and subtle colors.

Don’t forget about the color. You want it to be consistent with your color palette. You can either choose a complementary hue or go for a bold statement piece that adds a pop of color.

Lastly, don’t forget about the fabric material. Settees can be made from various materials, such as wood, metal, and upholstered fabrics. Choose the material that best suits your preferences and one that you can realistically maintain.

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