Ultimate Sack vs Lovesac: Comparing Comfort, Style And Value

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If you’ve been on the hunt for a giant bean bag, you’ve probably come across both the Ultimate Sack and the Lovesac.

I decided to put them both to the test and shared my findings below. To make the comparison as fair as possible, I’ve compared Lovesacs the Big One with the Ultimate Sack 6000 to get the closest like-for-like comparison possible.

ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs in Multiple Sizes and Colors: Giant Foam-Filled Furniture - Machine Washable Covers, Double Stitched Seams, Durable Inner Liner. (6000, Grey Suede) Ultimate Sack Bean Bag

Factors I compared:

  • Skin Feel: Specifically I looked at how it felt against my body—Was it itchy? Was it super slippery? Did it feel luxurious or cheap? If you’ve used a bean bag, you know what I mean.
  • Sinking Factor: Basically how much I sunk into it. You don’t want to go too deep or else you can’t do anything. But you need enough sink to be super comfy. Like Goldilocks and her porridge, getting the sinking factor just right is no easy task.
  • Aesthetics: How it looks in a room. What kind of space does it suit?
  • Ergonomics: Is sitting in this thing going to mess up your back? Do you basically have to be a child or can adults use it comfortably?
  • Filling Quality: Memory Foam or Beads. What is the durability and comfort level like of the filling?
  • Cleanable: Basically—can the cover go in the washing machine? (because who wants to hand wash a bean bag cover? Definitely not me)
  • Shipping and Return Policy: Is there a warranty? You don’t want to shell out $$ only to realize that you can’t return a defective product.
FactorLoveSacUltimate Sack
Skin Feel10/10 – has a luxurious feel when sitting in it. 7/10 – you won’t notice it one way or the other.
Sinking Factor10/1010/10 – I know, surprising!
Comfort and ErgonomicsHigh comfort, ergonomic support.Surprisingly comfortable. Less ergonomic support that Lovesac.
Design and AestheticsModern, customizable aesthetics. Looks like designer furniture. Traditional designs, variety of colors/patterns. Looks like a typical bean bag.
Price RangePremium pricingMore budget-friendly
Customer Reviews & RatingsPraised for comfort and designCommended for value for money
Sustainability & Eco-friendlinessEfforts towards sustainabilityNo evidence of Eco-friendly initiatives
CleanableMachine washable coversMachine washable covers
Warranty & Returns3-Year Warranty. Can return within 30 days.

LoveSac leans towards the higher end of the market, offering luxury and durability, but at a premium price. Ultimate Sack, while also providing high-quality materials, places more emphasis on affordability and comfort.

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LoveSac Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Materials: LoveSac uses premium material and DuraFoam filling, making them comfortable, durable, and feel like you’re sitting on a lux product.
  • Ergonomic Support: LoveSac products are designed to provide ergonomic support, which make them suitable for prolonged use without discomfort.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a variety of colors and textures, LoveSac products are stylish and can complement a wide range of interior decors.
  • Sustainability Efforts: The use of recycled materials and a design that promotes a longer product life cycle aligns with eco-friendly practices.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Removable and machine washable covers make maintenance super easy.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: The high-quality construction ensures that the products are durable and can withstand regular use.


  • High Price Point: LoveSac products are on the higher end of the price spectrum, making them a significant investment.
  • Size and Space Requirements: The larger size of some LoveSac products, like the Sactionals, might require considerable space, which may not be suitable for smaller living areas.
  • Weight: Some of the larger products can be quite heavy, making them less easy to move or reconfigure.
  • Limited Traditional Bean Bag Options: LoveSac doesn’t have the biggest range of bean bags that look (and give) the traditional bean bag experience.

Ultimate Sack Pros and Cons


  • Affordability: Ultimate Sack is a more budget-friendly option compared to Lovesac, and provides good value for money.
  • Comfort: Known for their plush and cozy feel, Ultimate Sack bean bags are highly comfortable, making them great for relaxation.
  • Variety in Design: The brand offers a wide range of colors and materials, so you can choose one that suits your preference.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The bean bags come with removable and machine washable covers, making cleaning and upkeep easy.
  • Portability: Many of their bean bags are lighter and easier to move compared to more substantial furniture pieces, which adds to their convenience.
  • Suitable for Various Settings: Their classic bean bag design makes them versatile for use in different rooms, from bedrooms to gaming rooms.
  • Kid-Friendly Options: Ultimate Sack offers products that are suitable for children, providing a comfortable and safe seating option.


  • Less Ergonomic Support: While comfortable, Ultimate Sack bean bags doesn’t offer the same level of ergonomic support as premium brands like LoveSac.
  • Simpler Design: Ultimate Sack sells traditional bean bags, and nothing else. If you’re looking for unique designs, Ultimate Sack might not be right for you.
  • Durability Concerns: Although durable, the materials and construction might not match the longevity and robustness offered by higher-end brands.
  • Limited Size Options: Compared to modular furniture, Ultimate Sack’s range in size can be limited, especially for those looking for larger or more versatile pieces.
  • Less Focus on Sustainability: There is less emphasis on eco-friendly practices and the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process.

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Material Quality


  • Premium Material Quality: LoveSac uses high-grade fabrics and fillings, which emphasizes durability and exceptional comfort.
  • DuraFoam Filling: Lovesac’s durafoam filling is so comfy to sink into. Its light and feels like you’re floating on air.
  • Luxurious Covers: The covers use plush, soft fabrics, which enhances the luxurious feel and inviting relaxation.
  • Durability and Aesthetic Appeal: Materials are designed to withstand regular use, so that the bean bags maintain their look and functionality over time.
  • High-Quality Fillers: LoveSac fillers don’t flatten easily and continue to provide supportive comfort.
  • Commitment to Luxury and Durability: The brand’s focus on material quality reflects its dedication to offering luxurious, durable products.

Ultimate Sack

ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs in Multiple Sizes and Colors: Giant Foam-Filled Furniture - Machine Washable Covers, Double Stitched Seams, Durable Inner Liner. (6000, Grey Suede)

In contrast, Ultimate Sack offers material quality that focuses on comfort and affordability. The brand uses durable fabrics that are designed to be cozy and inviting.

Now, they might not have the same luxurious feel as LoveSac’s materials, But the covers are still super soft and comfy enough for everyday use. They also use high quality fillers, which is one of the key things that make a bean bag comfortable (or uncomfortable).

Ultimate Sack might not give you that luxe feel, but it does provide the balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. This makes Ultimate Sack an excellent option if you’re looking for comfortable, long-lasting bean bags and don’t want to pay the premium price tag.

Comfort and Ergonomic Design

LoveSac is more suited for those who prioritize ergonomic support in their seating, while Ultimate Sack is perfect for those who value the traditional, sink-in comfort of a bean bag.

LoveSac bean bags uses the DuraFoam filling, which adapt to the user’s shape and offers a balanced mix of softness and support. This makes them an excellent choice for prolonged periods of sitting, as they help in reducing strain on the back and joints.

Ultimate Sack bean bags are known for their plush, enveloping feel, which comes from the use of shredded polyurethane memory foam. This foam not only offers a cozy sitting experience but also provides a degree of support and pressure relief.

While they might not be specifically designed with ergonomics as a primary focus (like LoveSac), Ultimate Sack bean bags are still pretty supportive. Users have reported reduced back pain and posture-related discomfort, similar to memory foam beds.

Design and Aesthetics

LoveSac’s design ethos is rooted in modernity. Lovesac looks like modern, designer furniture and will suit a luxury aesthetic. Ultimate Sack’s design approach, on the other hand, is about bringing the cozy, laid-back vibe of a bean bag.

Customer Feedback

  • LoveSac’s reviews often focus on the high quality, innovative design, and ergonomic support, with the main drawback being the price.
  • Users commended the Ultimate Sack for its comfort, variety, and value for money, appealing to those looking for a cozy, affordable bean bag option.

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