Chill Sack vs Ultimate Sack: A Bean Bag Show-Down

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If you’ve been in the market for a bean bag (and have done lots of research on to figure out which ones to buy, you’ve probably come across either Chill Sack or the Ultimate Sack.

They’re both popular brands, and honestly are solid options that don’t cost and arm and a leg. Ultimately, deciding which bean bag is right for you depends on what you’re looking for. You’ll want to consider comfort (which I personally think is the most important thing), durability, aesthetics and budget.

Below is the TL/DR if you want a summary of what sets those two brands apart:

  • Both Chill Sack and Ultimate Sack use comfortable shredded memory foam filling.
  • Chill Sack has a wider range of colors and sizes.
  • Ultimate Sacks offer fewer color choices and sizes but are more durable.

Key Similarities and Differences

Both bean bags use a shredded memory foam-like filling, which is super comfortable and allows you to sink and relax in your bean bag.

Both brands offer a range of options regarding size, materials, and aesthetics. Chill Sack bean bags starts at 2 feet, and goes up to 8. Similarly, Ultimate Sacks are also available in multiple sizes, including 3, 4, 5, and 6 feet, and offer a wide variety of color and fabric choices to cater to your personal preferences.

Both products provide machine-washable covers—which if you’re like me and hate washing things by hand—is pretty ideal. The price points differ depending on size, with Chill Sack being just a little bit cheaper. 

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Chill Sack

Who It’s For

If you’re seeking a cozy spot to lounge at home, the Chill Sack might be perfect for you. Its memory foam-like filling provides a luxurious and cloud-like comfort. It also adapts to your body shape, so you don’t have to spend 5 minutes awkwardly shuffling around before finding the most comfortable position.

If you like to chill on your bean bag while binge-watching your favorite series (or, in my case, finish a book in one sitting), the Chill Sack can is a comfortable and supportive option for prolonged chilling. 

Chill Sack also comes in bigger sizes (the Ultimate Sack stops at 6 feet, while the largest Chill Sack is 8 feet), so if size is what you’re after, the Chill Sack is a great option. 

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 6' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag - Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover, Black Furry

Who It’s Not For

While the Chill Sack has much to offer, it’s not always the best option for everyone. For example, if durability is your main concern, you might be better off going for the Ultimate Sack. 

If you have pets who like to scratch or chew your furniture, the Chill Sack probably isn’t the best option. You might want to consider bean bags that are pet-friendly and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

Chill Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, 3-Feet, Charcoal Micro Suede

Ultimate Sack

Who It’s For

If durability is your biggest priority, you might want to consider the Ultimate Sack.

It’s a great option for lounging for long periods, and you once you’ve sunk into it, you can easily get stuck and not want to move for a long time.

The Sack’s shredded, memory foam-like material provides a cloud-like experience while conforming to your body shape.

ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs in Multiple Sizes and Colors: Giant Foam-Filled Furniture - Machine Washable Covers, Double Stitched Seams, Durable Inner Liner. (6000, Grey Suede)

Who It’s Not For

The Ultimate Sack isn’t the best choice if you want something lightweight, portable, and easy to move around. Say you want to have it in your home office during the day (I relate), but move it to the lounge at night for TV watching (I also relate).

And while the Ultimate Sack is on the bulkier side due to its denser filling (compared to the Chill Sack), it’s not the best option if you’re looking for a super large bean bag. The Chill Sack has options for up to 8 feet, while the Ultimate Sack’s biggest bean bag tops at just 6 feet. 

ULTIMATE SACK 4000 (4 Ft.) Bean Bag Chair: Giant Foam-Filled Furniture - Machine Washable Covers, Durable Inner Liner, 100% Virgin Foam. Comfy Bean Bag Chair. (Teal, Suede)

What to Consider When Choosing Between a Chill Sack or an Ultimate Sack

The best decision for you ultimately comes from the following factors:

Price: There isn’t a massive difference in price point, but the Chill Sacks are slightly more affordable. This might be a better option if you’re on a tight budget. 

Durability and Quality: The Ultimate Sack is known for its durability and higher-quality materials, so it’s probably a better option if you’re planning to use your bean bag a lot, and want it to last a long time.

Size: Both Chill Sack and Ultimate Sack offer a variety of sizes to suit different preferences and space requirements. If you’re looking for a super small or super large, Chill Sack is the better option. Everything in between is pretty comparable.

Comfort: Both bean bag brands provide a comfortable lounging experience. The Ultimate Sack is slightly denser than the Chill Sack, so choose according to your support preferences. 

Warranty: A product warranty can provide peace of mind when making your decision. Chill Sack has a three-year warranty that covers any defect of the linen and cover, while Ultimate Sack has a 10-year manufacturer warranty on its zippers, fabric, seams, and foam (excluding defects from use, abuse, or excessive wear).

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