What Sizes Do Loft Beds Come In? (Your Sizing Questions Answered)

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Loft beds come in all shapes and sizes.

Are you looking for a single, hanging loft bed in a studio apartment with low-ceiling? There’s an option for you.

What about if you want a California king so you can create a home office? You can find one of those too.

Or how about if you want a queen loft bed in your high-ceiling bedroom, and you’re hoping the bed can also serve as a space for a comfy home theater? There’s a bed for you. 

When it comes to loft beds, the options are endless. Not only does it dress up a room. In most instances, it adds a modern aesthetic and is the very definition of a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Those living in small spaces (hello, New York studios) can especially benefit.

Frankly, I wished I’d gotten a loft bed when my husband and I moved into our first shoebox apartment in lower Manhattan. I think our broker even suggested it, and to this day, I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t take him seriously.

Anyway, the point is, loft beds are great. But the key to buying the right size and the right design requires you to be clear of what you’re looking for in the first place.

How to figure out the right loft bed size for you

No one size fits all when it comes to loft beds. But there are some general guidelines that might help you find the right fit.

First, you’ll want to consider the size of your room and where you’re planning to store your bed.

If your room is small and with a low ceiling, for example, it might not make sense to get a high-rise California king.

You’ll also want to consider how you’re planning to use the space underneath your bed. Putting a home office versus a walk-in closet will have different sizing implications, not to mention design.

Next, think about how high off the ground you want your mattress to be. If you don’t like the idea of sleeping too high off the ground, you can get away with a smaller loft bed.

But if you do want the mattress to be high, either because you like sleeping close to the ceiling (hey, you do you) or you want to maximize the space underneath the bed for storage, then go for something that sits higher up off of the ground.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to maximize space for storage, it’s best to opt for a loft bed with more vertical space. If it’s just a place to lay your head, something lower to the ground is probably fine.

Don’t forget about your existing floor plan. What furniture do you already have in your room, and where do you want to place your bed? How big is the furniture, and what kind of loft bed can you realistically fit in your room without sacrificing comfort? Where in do you want to place your loft bed? How far away is it from a window or an air-conditioning unit? 

A guide to loft bed sizes

Loft bed typically comes in the following sizes: twin, twin XL, single, double, queen, king, and California king—pretty much every size a regular bed comes in.

Let’s look at single loft beds. They’re probably less suited for adults and more for kids and college students. They typically have 39 inches wide and 75 inches long mattresses. The height of the actual platform can vary.

The same goes with Twin and Twin XL loft beds. A Twin mattress is typically 39 inches wide and 75 inches long, and a twin XL mattress generally are 5 to 9 inches longer. Again, there is no ‘typical’ height, but they tend to be shorter than bigger loft beds and are designed for single people who don’t need much space underneath their bed.

A queen loft bed sits at 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. A king bed is slightly wider than a queen, at 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. A California king bed is somewhat longer than a king, measuring at 84 inches but a little narrower at 72 inches wide. Again, there is no ‘standard’ height when it comes to how far the mattress sits from the floor, but they tend to be at least 60 inches from the floor when it comes to loft beds.

Loft bed weight limits

You’ll also want to think about weight limits when deciding what size loft beds to get. As a general rule, adult loft beds typically support anywhere between 250 to 500 lbs, depending on size. It is possible to get heavy-duty ones with a weight limit of over 500 pounds, though they’re not as plentiful.

Read our full guide on different loft bed weight limits (including sizing charts).

If you’re looking for something that has more options than what the market already has to offer, then getting a custom bed is an excellent choice. You can pick whatever size and type of bed best suit your needs. Plus, many custom loft beds also come with additional features like drawers or shelves beneath the bed.

Aside from size, you’ll get a lot of benefits from getting a custom loft bed. For starters, if you’re planning on sharing a loft bed with a partner, a custom bed might be a good idea if you have different sleeping styles (i.e., you sleep on your side, they sleep on their backs). Also, if you have any sleep issues for whatever reason, getting a customized mattress can help you alleviate it or, at the very least, not aggravate those issues.

Lastly, if traditional beds or mattresses just weren’t working for you, it might be time to ditch it.

How can I make my loft bed hold more weight?

Let’s say you decided not to get a custom loft bed, and now you have a significant other with whom you want to share it. Is there any way to add the weight capacity without getting a new bed?

One way to get your loft bed to hold more weight is to put plywood boards underneath your mattress for support. You can measure how thick the plywood should be based on the (existing) weight limit of your bed.

Essential considerations for getting a loft bed

At the end of the day, size is just one thing to think about when shopping around for a loft bed. You should also consider things like price, ease of use, what it’s made out of, and how you plan to use the space underneath your loft bed.

You’ll also need to factor in whether the loft bed is going to be exclusively for your use or whether you need plan to share it with someone else, and whether that’s an occasional thing or an everyday occurrence.

Whatever your decision, just ensure that you don’t sacrifice comfort. A good night’s sleep is crucial for your health and wellbeing, and you definitely don’t want a terrible bed to get in the way of that.

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