7 Loft Bed Ladder And Stairs Ideas (That You Will Love)

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A loft bed, more often than not, involves a stair or a ladder. What that looks like varies from design to design and depends on the loft bed’s size, height, and materials.

If you’re thinking of buying a (not customized) loft bed, it will come with a built-in stair or ladder. Don’t discount its importance when you’re deciding on a model.

After all, it’s what you use to get in and out of bed.

Yes, you might buy a loft bed to save space, but you shouldn’t overlook comfort when it comes to where you sleep. I don’t know about you, but after a long day, I need everything to require minimal effort. The last thing I want is a bed that’s difficult to get in and out of.

Of course, what I consider difficult and cumbersome will probably be different from yours. Here are some ideas of what you can find in terms of loft bed stairs and ladders.

1. Diagonal ladder

A diagonal ladder is probably one of the most common models that you’ll see on loft beds. This wooden model is a great example and comes with a built-in desk. If a metal loft bed is what you’re after, you’ll probably be looking at something like this

2. Vertical ladder 

You’ll also find many loft beds with vertical ladders. Many have similar built-in structures to the models above, but the ladder is vertically rather than diagonally attached to the bed. Here’s an example of a high loft bed with a vertical ladder, and here’s one model of a lower-than-usual loft bed that includes a (mini) vertical ladder. 

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3. Loft steps  

Perhaps you’re not a fan of ladders, and honestly, I don’t blame you. They do require some concentration, and when you’re physically tired, climbing a ladder can feel just a tad unsafe. 

Or maybe that’s a me problem because I’m hella clumsy. The good news is, you don’t have to get a loft bed with a ladder. You can get ones with steps instead.

Consider this one from Wayfair, which has built-in stairs/steps that double as a drawer. Or consider this bunk-bed-like model with a full-sized bed at the bottom and a single one at the top. 

4. Wall-mounted rods ladder 

Perhaps you don’t mind ladders, but you would prefer it mounted to something sturdy like the wall. Take inspiration from this couple’s sleeping loft in their Vancouver Island cabin. They opted for wall-mounted metal rungs to reach the sleeping loft, unlike those you might find in military bunkers. 

Another one worth looking at is this one from Etsy, which has a side mount guard and grab bar. You can mount this ladder to any solid structure, and many reviews have praised it for its sturdiness and ease of assembly. 

5. Wall-mounted stairs 

Perhaps what you would prefer are stairs (or steps) that are mounted to the wall. I get it, I think this would be my top choice too. There’s just something about mounting things to the wall that feels more secure (even though sometimes, it might be more psychological than practical). 

Here’s a great example of what that loft bed might look like.

6. Loft stairs with guard rails 

Alternatively, if mounting steps to the wall isn’t your thing, you might want to look for loft beds with ladders with guard rails. This one from Etsy is a great example, and you can mount it vertically or diagonally, depending on your loft bed design. 

7. Mezzanine stairs 

Perhaps your loft bed is more like a mezzanine sleeping space, like this one here. In that case, you’d want to have a proper staircase. A ladder just won’t cut it. 

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What to consider when choosing stairs and a ladder for your loft bed

You should consider several things when choosing a loft bed—how it fits in your space, what materials make sense, and how comfortable it is. If you care about design and aesthetics, you’d probably also want a bed that looks good. 

Now, a loft bed typically requires a little bit more effort to get in and out of, because it tends to be higher off the ground. So you’ll also need to think about the ease of climbing up and down your loft bed. The last thing you want is a difficult bed.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a built-in ladder or stair, choose to go to the DIY route, or buy an add-on from a place like Etsy. Ultimately, only you can determine what makes the most sense for you. Just be wary of sacrificing too much comfort, or you’ll be asking yourself why many sleep later. 

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