Is Lovesac Comfortable? What You Need to Know

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Lovesac is well known for making high-end, comfy furniture.

One of their most popular offerings is the Sactional, also known to some as the World’s Most Adaptable Couch, and the Sac, which people have dubbed the World’s Most Comfortable Seat.

But how comfortable are Lovesac products really? And are they comfy to enough to justify the hefty price tag?

The short answer is yes, Lovesac is very comfortable.

However, given that the price point is pretty steep, we recommend assessing whether the price tag is worth it for your needs. If you can’t justify spending that much, there are plenty of other comfortable bean bags on the market that are a little bit more friendly to your wallet.

Comfort Factors

In this section, we’ll go over the fill material, size options, and cover choices that make Lovesac such a comfortable option for your living space.

Fill Material

The Lovesac furniture, particularly the Lovesoft Sactional, is known for its unique fill material that provides a cloud-like feel.

This fill consists of recycled foam and fibers, which creates a soft, plush seating experience. The combination of materials ensures a cozy and enveloping sensation each time you sit down.

Size Options

One of the great aspects of Lovesac is the variety of size options available for both Sactionals and Sacs, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space and needs.

Sactionals come in modular pieces, which means you can create a sofa with as many seats and sides as you desire. This adaptability offers you the freedom to design a couch that works specifically for your space.

Similarly, Lovesac offers Sacs in different sizes, ranging from the compact CitySac to the larger MovieSac and BigOne.

Cover Choices

Lovesac takes comfort to the next level by offering a wide range of cover choices for both Sactionals and Sacs.

This allows you to choose a fabric that not only matches your personal style but also what you find to be most comfortable—whether that’s the softness of Chenille or the luxurious feel of Velvet.

Comparing The Comfort of Lovesac to Other Seating Options

Let’s take a look at how Lovesac compares to other popular seating options like bean bag chairs, sofas, and sectionals.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs offer a casual and relaxed seating option. They’re lightweight, easy to move around, and can fit in small spaces.

Lovesac’s Sac is similar to a bean bag chair but with added functionality and comfort.

In our opinion, a Lovesac sac is much more comfortable than a regular bean bag chair.

Their proprietary Durafoam filling provides a more supportive and stable feel compared to traditional bean bag filling, making it ideal for extended periods of use.

Additionally, Lovesac offers a variety of covers that can be easily removed and washed, ensuring that your Sac remains clean and stylish.

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Sofas are a classic seating option in most living spaces. They come in various styles, shapes, and sizes.

Lovesac’s Sactionals, however, bring innovation and adaptability to the traditional sofa idea. With customizable configurations, you can add or remove pieces to fit the changing needs of your living space.

Lovesac’s furniture is designed for comfort, using high-quality foams and fabrics for a plush, inviting cushioning. While a standard sofa provides a comfortable seating option, a Lovesac Sactional elevates the experience through customization and modularity.


Sectionals are popular for their versatility, allowing you to create a larger seating area in your living space. The fact that you can rearrange Lovesac pieces in a way that’s tailored to your space makes them the superior option (provided that you have the budget for it, of course).

With its patented iLoft™ Suspension System, a Lovesac Sactional lets you switch configurations quickly and easily, so you can find the perfect layout for your needs.

Additionally, the high-quality materials used to create Lovesac’s seating ensure a cozy and durable experience, providing you and your family with a comfortable place to relax.

Real Customer Opinions and Reviews

On the positive side, many customers have praised Lovesac for its comfortable seating options. The brand’s legendary giant beanbag sack made with Durafoam has become iconic for its comfort.

Many users have also praised the sactionals for its customizability and versatility in fitting various spaces and setups.

Despite Lovesac’s claims about their products, some customers have voiced concerns, like poor sewings on the fabric and difficulty installing the legs on the couch. It’s worth noting though, that reviews are often subjective and don’t necessarily reflect the experience of the average customer.

Final Thoughts on Lovesac Comfort

We found the Lovesac sac to be one of the most comfortable bean bags on the market right now. But given it’s steep price, I would say that it’s only worth getting if it’s well within your budget. If it’s not, there are plenty of comfortable alternatives out there for you to choose from.

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