7 Ergonomic Bean Bag Chairs (That Provide Amazing Back Support)

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In my ideal world, I’d sit in a bean bag all day over a swivelly office chair. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes sitting at a desk is what I need to be productive. Most of the time, however, I like to be relaxed when I’m working because my default nature is….the opposite of that. 

The only thing about spending long periods sitting on a bean bag is that most bean bags don’t provide enough back support, so the plushy comfort you feel when you first sit on the bean bag can quickly turn to discomfort. 

And then there’s a matter of getting up. Granted, that’s pretty challenging when you’ve been sitting on any bean bags, but even more so when you’re sitting on traditional bead-filled ones that can tend to sink.

One way to get around that is to look for a bean bag that provides ergonomic support. 

Now obviously, it’s never going to be as supportive for your back as a typical office chair would be. But there are bean bags that are designed to cater to the contours of your body, ensuring proper weight distribution and relieving stress on pressure points.f

It’s important to note that what is supportive for you might not be supportive to another person. This is why we’ve rounded up seven different options of bean bags that provide ergonomic support, so you can decide which one might be right for you.

1. Yogibo

Yogibo is a well-known bean bag brand that makes supportive bean bags and accessories supporting accessories. The brand is all about creating a product that provides maximum comfort while being versatile in its functions. 

One of the top Yogibo products is the Yogibo Max Bean Bag Chair. It’s the one that looks like a giant pillow sack and works by conforming to your body shape, providing support and reducing pressure points. Because of its unique design, you can easily mold it into a chair, recliner, sofa, or bed. 

Yogibo Max 6-Foot Beanbag Chair, Bean Bag Couch with a Washable Outer Cover, Customer Favorite Cozy Sofa for Gaming, Reading, and Relaxing, Filled with Soft Micro-Beads, Dark Gray

If you need something smaller, the¬†Yogibo Pod X¬†might be the one for you. It’s a personal-sized bean bag chair suitable for reading and gaming while offering its larger counterpart’s ergonomic benefits.

Yogibo Pod X Small Bean Bag for Teens, Adults, Plush, Soft, Single Beanbag Chair, Measures 3'x3', Yellow

Yogibos can work exceptionally well for people with back pain because they can alleviate discomfort by conforming to the body’s shape and providing even weight distribution. 

2. Moon Pod

The Moon Pod is a versatile and supportive bean bag chair that, like the Yogibo, is also multi-functional. Its zero-gravity design offers ultimate comfort and relaxation and ultra-soft ergonomic support for your back and neck.

Not only is the Moon Pod comfortable, it also looks so damn stylish. You can use it as a traditional bean bag, or lie down on it anytime you need to have a little nap.

Its compact size also means it can easily fit into your living room, bedroom, or home office without taking up too much space.

The Moon Pod, like Yogibo, is also great for those who struggle with back pain. Several users also say it’s comfortable enough to sleep on, although getting out of it can be (understandably) a challenge.

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3. Big Joe Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

If you’re looking for a more traditional bean bag, the Big Joe Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair could be a great option. This bean bag chair is filled with shredded foam, which conforms to your body and provides excellent support, making it ideal for long periods of sitting, napping, or working.

The Big Joe Fuf is designed with a soft, durable fabric that’s comfortable and easy to clean. The shredded foam filling ensures it never goes flat or loses shape.

Big Joe Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair, Large, Black

The Big Joe Fuf conforms to your body, so it helps promote proper posture and alleviates pressure on your spine. Several reviewers noted its durability, saying it continued to hold up well despite continuous use. 

Now, it is a pretty sizable bean bag, so it might not be the best option if you’re looking for something that you can move around easily, or if you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

4. Fatboy Original Bean Bag Chair

The Fatboy Original Bean Bag Chair is another fantastic option. The shape is similar to the Yogibo, although it leans more vertical than horizontal. This bean bag also molds to your body, offering a personalized and snug fit. 

Fatboy The Original Stonewashed Bean Bag Chair, Black, Large

Because you can shape this more like a chair, this is an excellent option for your home office if you want an alternative to traditional office chairs. Or if, like me, you like to switch between a standard office chair and something comfy like a bean bag.

5. Jaxx 6-Foot Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair

The Jaxx 6-Foot Cocoon Large Bean Bag Chair is another great option if you’re looking for a big supportive bean bag. Its unique dual-purpose design offers you the versatility and comfort to sit like a traditional bean bag or lie down like a floor pillow depending on your mood. 

Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon - Large Bean Bag Chair for Adults, Charcoal

The chair is filled with supportive foam that conforms to your body, ensuring optimal comfort. The foam filling helps relieve pressure points and promotes proper posture, making it ideal for long periods of lounging. 

It can accommodate two people, and despite its large size, it is shaped in a way that easily molds to fit into any corner.

Many users have commented on how easy it is to fall asleep in this bean bag. One also noted that this is on the firmer side, so if that’s something you’re looking for, you might want to consider this option. 

6. Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair

The Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair is another excellent option that offers a blend of comfort, support, and style. This bean bag chair is filled with foam, which adapts to the shape of your body to provide excellent support and cushioning.

This means that when you sit in the chair, the foam will mold to your body’s contours, helping to relieve pressure on your spine and promote a more ergonomic seating experience. It’s also designed in a way that avoids those lumpy bits that can you often find with shredded foam-filled bean bags.

Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large, Grey

One user with back problems praised the supportive nature of the bean bag, though noted that it can be a bit difficult to get out of. The size and weight of the bag also make it heavy to move between rooms, so consider that if you’re looking for something you can move around. 

7. Sofa Sack

The Sofa Sack is another comfortable bean bag option. Thanks to its memory foam filling, you’ll experience plush support that conforms to your body shape, relieving pressure on your joints and muscles. 

Sofa Sack - Plush Ultra Soft Bean Bags Chairs for Kids, Teens, Adults - Memory Foam Beanless Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover - Foam Filled Furniture for Dorm Room - Charcoal 5' (AMZBB-5SK-CS03)

Users praised its softness and comfort, with one going as far as saying that it’s a good alternative to a sofa or recliner that is also easy to move around.

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