Can You Sleep on a Bean Bag? (And When You Definitely Shouldn’t)

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Have you ever felt so comfortable when you’re chilling on a piece of furniture so comfortable you really want to fall asleep? 

I’m definitely guilty of doing that. If I’m working at my bean bag and it’s 3.00 p.m, there’s a high chance that I will succumb to sleepiness and have a sneaky afternoon nap. (It’s a great productivity hack. I wake up ready to do more work and tackle the second half of the day) 

But can (and should) you be sleeping on a bean bag? 

This is what I’m like at 3.00 p.m. (Except that’s not actually me. I look way less presentable)

The short answer is yes, you can sleep on a bean bag. However, whether you should sleep on a bean bag is another question. 

A bean bag is not a replacement for a proper mattress. The impact that it can have on your body will depend on the kind of bean bag you have, how often (and how long) you sleep on it, and whether you have any health/physical conditions. 

In this article, we’ll cover all that and recommend what bean bags you should get if you plan to sleep on it occasionally. 

Sleeping on a Bean Bag: What to Consider

How comfortable you are when you’re sleeping on a bean bag depends on the following things: 

Size and Shape

Bean bags come in various sizes and shapes, from those that fit toddlers to double bean bags and models that are basically the size of beds. To be comfortable sleeping on it, you want your bean bag to be big enough and provide enough back support, or you’ll wake up sore.

Material and Fill

The fabric and filling of a bean bag can affect its comfort and durability. Some fillings are more comfortable than others. For example, sleeping on a bean bag filled with shredded foam will feel different than sleeping on a bean bag filled with rice. 

Sleeping Position

Bean bags are designed to conform to your body shape, but what works for you when sleeping in your bed might not necessarily be the best position to sleep in when you’re on your bean bag. 

Try different positions, like lying on your back, side, or stomach, to find the one that keeps your spine in a neutral alignment and feels comfortable.

It’s probably okay for a cat to use a bean bag as his/her primary sleeping area. Humans, though, should just stick to using it for the occasional naps.

When You Shouldn’t Sleep on a Bean Bag

Now, there are instances where sleeping on a bean bag is not the best idea for your health or comfort level. If you fit into one of the following categories, you might want to stick to a traditional bed for your naps: 

People With Joint Issues

Sleeping on a bean bag might not provide the necessary support if you have joint pain. Bean bags, unlike beds, don’t offer uniform body support, which could result in discomfort and worsening of existing pain. Sleeping on a bean bag can be especially bad for back pain.

Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, finding a suitable sleeping position can be challenging. Although bean bags can seem inviting due to their softness and ability to adjust to your shape, they may not provide adequate support.

People With Allergies

Bean bags come in various fabrics and materials, some of which could trigger allergies or irritation. If you’re prone to allergies, choose a bean bag made from fabrics and materials that won’t exacerbate your symptoms. 

Best Bean Bags You Can Sleep In

So you’re not giving up on your traditional bed, but you want a bean bag you can occasionally nap in. Which ones should you get? 

One of our favorite bean bags to sleep on the Moon Pod (pictured below). The high-density beads make it supportive yet comfortable, and you feel like you’re floating on the bag (rather than sinking on it, like traditional bean bags). Its ergonomic design also makes it easy on your neck and back, often the source of pain when you sleep. 

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If the Moon Pod isn’t quite within your price range, a more affordable option is the Habutway Bean Bag Chair. The shape is like a traditional bean bag, but it’s a little bigger than what you’d usually find. With high rebound shredded memory foam as the filling and a soft, velvet-like microfiber cover, you won’t be uncomfortable when you decide to snooze. 

HABUTWAY Bean Bag Chair: Giant 4' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag Chairs for Adults with Microfiber Cover - 4Ft, Dark Blue

There’s nothing wrong with sleeping on a bean bag. It’s a comfortable piece of furniture meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, and in my opinion that includes sleeping. 

Just be aware that a bean bag doesn’t provide the same level of support as a traditional mattress, so make it more of an occasional short-nap thing rather than a long sleep-in. But as long as you don’t feel any joint pains, then, by all means, feel free to doze off on that bean bag of yours. 

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